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I believe when I asked Pascal at Citi Shoes told me Barrie.
Add to that list Citi Shoes in NYC. That's where I got my color 8's on comando back in October.
My guess is that the left shoe was the display model and naturally lightened from exposure to the store lighting.
I was actually thinking they might go best with a kilt.
How do they look when on and laced? I can see in your top picture that the bluchering is off. Might not hurt to send SF a picture.
+1 here as well, those are sweet.
I know some of you will think this just plain wrong, but I wore these SW Commando Boots today with a charcoal suit and tie. I had a court appearance and then lunch with a group of clients/commercial bankers. I think it made for a great look.
I don't think the rare colors are "rare" due to issues finding enough quality shells to make flawless product suitable for whiskey, Ravello etc. I think it is simply that, away from this forum, most of the target market that owns 1 to 3 pairs prefer color 8. Stated another way, I think history has proven to the Alden Company (again before the rare color craze maybe created by this forum) that if they put color 8 and all the rare colors on the shelf at the same time, the...
You missed the point. He was doing an excellent job and I was being unrealistic OCD and nit picky.
Some random thoughts on Alden Shell, quality and OCD.   First, it seems that many of us here love Shell Cordovan and are also mildly to severely OCD.   Second, Shell Cordovan is used to make shoes by a relatively very small percentage of the world's shoemakers. Third, the second point is true because shell is rare  in all colors (relatively speaking) and  allegedly much harder to work with than calf or other leathers. Fourth, Shell Cordovan shoes are expensive and a...
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