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  uniqlo gustin RW
 the top looks like Polo? Probably the lesser of two evils
 I have a cashmere turtleneck that is quite nice, considering the price. Obviously it's not incredibly high quality, but so far it's been holding up well -- no pilling or awkward stretching. Good layering piece. Would recommend.
I just received a pair of American Classics in the mail. I immediately noticed a stitching issue on the coin pocket -- the threads going up the side of the pocket are just loose ends where they are supposed to go back into the jean above the rivet. It looks like they were either ripped or incompletely sewed. There is also a loose red thread on the stitching inside the coin pocket, and a frayed end on the end of the contrast stitching down the side of the left leg.   My...
Yeah, my moc-toes are a little loose around the ankles. You can wrap the laces around the neck of the boot if you can't tie the upper part any tighter.   It looks like your heel is slipping around in there though, which means the boot is probably a little too big. Usually it's better to start with a tight fit and let it stretch. Of course, if you plan on wearing them with thick wool socks, you'll need that extra room.
Why not? I'm sitting here bored...   I'm not worried about the time, just curious. I guess I'm excited for my first knit  
So, SimonC ordered 11 days before jimney (8/1 -> 8/12), and he received invoice 12 days before jimney (11 days ago -> tomorrow). Looks like they're processing the orders at about real-time until that date. Assuming a constant rate of orders, I would get my invoice mid-December (9/17 + 84 days).   Of course it sounds like they recieved less a constant rate of orders and more a sudden, total glut of orders, so who knows.
Is there a difference between this oxford slim fit long sleeve shirt listing and this one? I assume they're just different stocks of the same shirt. The pictures and descriptions and available stock are different, though...
 I can't comment on that piece specifically but I bought this wool and down parka from them at the start of this season (anticipating a cold Wisconsin winter). In terms of quality I would rate them alongside Arc'teryx, although ISAORA definitely has a different aesthetic. ISAORA retail is pretty expensive, but on a sale I think their stuff is a good deal especially if you like the "look."
  Wow, you just described the plot of a story I'm writing! It's the government chasing him though. Eventually (spoiler!) he'll use an electromagnetic scan to determine his brain's exact physical state and then replace the AI's data store with his own intelligence!
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