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Looks like the shirt is rather short, I like the jacket though.   Or to paraphrase Cake, "short shirt, strong jacket"?
Deets on the overshirt (or whatever it is)? Looks gorgeous.
And here's me in sweatpants. This is my "sick, but out of sick days" fit. Spent all day doing napping and doing code review so I didn't have to think   Unfortunately my desk (where the camera is resting) is about level with my junk so pardon the odd perspective.   isaora/outlier/uniqlo/nike
I think you want a kind of trashy pair of jeans.   If I think about when someone would wear a deep V T-shirt with that big jacket, it's when they don't give a fuck. But your jeans contradict that statement because they are clearly modern, slim cut, completely standard black jeans, like someone buys if they actually do give a fuck. IMO that is where the issue lies. So the jeans need to be either trashy (like worn out faded indigo denim) or maybe even flashy (i.e....
you must have a huge package     I'm just glad they work for me, I saw your comments at work and was worried because I hate overly constricting pants with a passion (which is why I pretty much wear 100% outlier these days)
My Strongworks were waiting when I got home. I'm happy to say that for me anyway, they are exactly what I expected. No stretch, but the cut is loose enough that I feel perfectly comfortable. I wouldn't do squats wearing them but they are fine for everyday wear. Better than my denim for sure. And heavy enough that I can wear them in 0 degree snowy weather (like today... ugh).   Definitely won't be returning them, for me they seem like the perfect winter pant.   I think...
I don't like the oxford tucked into the jeans thing. If you have workboots and jeans you are already going for the kind of blue collar style. My suggestion would be to get some thicker, textured fabric on your top half, like flannels or chambray or twill. For example I would like that outfit a lot more with something like this or this worn untucked.
 No, apparently my package was stuck in NY, although it was a bitch to find out because UPS forced me to make an account before they would admit that the package hasn't moved in 3 days. Unfortunately the account name "FuckUPS" was taken so I had to come up with an alternative.
Wolf vs Goat, but it was a limited run. He has small runs with interesting fabrics pretty regularly though, if you are a loyalty member (which costs $100 and gives you 50% off everything) you can preorder them. Hollyjoint, that combo isn't working for me with the trainers. The rest of it is OK but I would ditch the grey sneakers and the white undershirt.
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