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I have one; a cashmere turtleneck in charcoal. I can't compare it to other cashmere, but it's very comfortable. Fairly thin, but not thinner than the merino. It is already pilling and stretching after maybe 50 wears, but that seems to happen to all cheap sweaters.I would actually go for the cashmere or merino blend instead of the 100% cashmere. It's just not worth the 2-3x cost considering the life of the sweater IMO
 The fabric is less stretchy, but the Futureworks have a fuller thigh than most Outlier pants.
imo the ultralights are a very niche product. The fabric is light but it comes with some flaws (imo), mainly the drape is weird and the pockets are too noticeable through the thin fabric. Also one of the buttons came off on the 3rd day, but that's easily fixed at home.   I think that they are a little cooler than the Futureworks/Climbers, but the slight coolness comes at a high cost, and I don't mean the price. Unless you legit 100% need to wear trousers in very hot...
I have had problems with pilling and snags on my Climbers as well. I wore them on a camping trip and now they have little snags from tree branches or whatever. Really, all my Outlier pants seem pretty fragile, even compared to denim. But I guess that's the price of lightness and freedom of movement.   On a brighter note, I was very impressed with the ultralight's water resistance. I had to catch the bus in the rain yesterday and they actually kept my legs completely dry....
Wow, these T-shirts are crazy light. They're going to be great in the summer here. It gets up to 90 degrees with 100% humidity. Makes me want to stretch the limits of my office's "wear whatever" policy...   Do they shrink in the wash? I don't really know the properties of bamboo/sonoma clothing.
 I think that's a perspective issue, the camera was pointing straight at my waist. Futureworks definitely shrank about 1/2 size in the wash. They feel a little tighter but it doesn't seem really noticeable.
 Thanks, that's good to know. I think I'm going to cop a 32.
 Finally, just what I was looking for... nanosphere treated and jasmine scented!  I love Acronym's looks, gotta admit, but the price is hard to swallow even compared to Veilance.
It seems like Veilance doesn't have the "one true pant" I'm looking for, which would be like the Voronoi but with additional pockets. The cargos don't have any decent colors and the Apparat are too short.   Has anyone had experience washing the Voronoi pant? It's not dryer-safe, and it suggests dry-cleaning, maybe because of the DWR? Is there a big difference in the water resistance? There's no way I'm drycleaning my pants...   I'm looking for some pants that hover on...
 The futureworks definitely feel a little tighter in the waist/hips than the Ultralights. I ordered size 32 in both, my measured waist is 34", for comparison. They fit perfectly now, so if they shrink a lot there may be some... crotch issues. My climbers are 1 size larger than than the others (so, sz 33) and I need a belt or they fall off. Very loose in the waist considering how tight the thighs are. I much prefer the futureworks. It's pretty clear that they made them...
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