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I think the biggest difference is that the OG fabric is almost unbelievably stretchy. F-Cloth is still stretchy, but it behaves (and looks) more like normal pants, where it only stretches "so far".
I actually have one of the Buff neck-tubes as well. Like Suri said, the advantage of the bandana is that it is a lot easier to put on or take off since you don't have to pull it over your head. Buffs are pretty unwieldy.
Can anyone comment on the M-Back fabric?   For some reason I got myself one of the ultramagnetic bandanas. The magnetic closure is surprisingly effective, it's easy to clasp and the hold is strong enough even if you have long hair like myself. It's quite compact compared to a scarf. It keeps your face warm. It's very practical, the main problem is that it's a bandana, so unless you wear it under something, it looks dumb.
I like to see fit pics in these threads, so I'm posting the Plokhov collab jacket. Size is M but it fits significantly bigger than a normal Uniqlo medium. I guess that's deliberate though. It's like a cozier (and blacker -- much blacker) replacement for my Uniqlo nylon MA-1.  [[SPOILER]]  I could post the sweats too but they basically don't show up on camera with my shitty lighting.
Restocks in all sizes are still happening on the full-zip jacket posted earlier in the thread. Just got a size M. edit: and they're sold out again 3 minutes later
I see some minor stretching at the waistband (I don't wear a belt) but other than that my pair don't seem to have stretched or sagged at all after probably 30 wears. I do get the impression that they might fray or wear out easily though, especially if washed.
I have one; a cashmere turtleneck in charcoal. I can't compare it to other cashmere, but it's very comfortable. Fairly thin, but not thinner than the merino. It is already pilling and stretching after maybe 50 wears, but that seems to happen to all cheap sweaters.I would actually go for the cashmere or merino blend instead of the 100% cashmere. It's just not worth the 2-3x cost considering the life of the sweater IMO
 The fabric is less stretchy, but the Futureworks have a fuller thigh than most Outlier pants.
imo the ultralights are a very niche product. The fabric is light but it comes with some flaws (imo), mainly the drape is weird and the pockets are too noticeable through the thin fabric. Also one of the buttons came off on the 3rd day, but that's easily fixed at home.   I think that they are a little cooler than the Futureworks/Climbers, but the slight coolness comes at a high cost, and I don't mean the price. Unless you legit 100% need to wear trousers in very hot...
I have had problems with pilling and snags on my Climbers as well. I wore them on a camping trip and now they have little snags from tree branches or whatever. Really, all my Outlier pants seem pretty fragile, even compared to denim. But I guess that's the price of lightness and freedom of movement.   On a brighter note, I was very impressed with the ultralight's water resistance. I had to catch the bus in the rain yesterday and they actually kept my legs completely dry....
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