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How about this one. How many monkeys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?  [[SPOILER]]
The "BR" line is a collab with Banana Republic, which is why it's more expensive despite being the same product.  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks for the feedback. It's called a waxed cotton trucker, from Gustin, but as you pointed out, it doesn't exactly look like a regular trucker. I think it feels too short, maybe because the style doesn't accommodate the cropped cut as well as a more "traditional" trucker.
I'm not very familiar with trucker jackets. Is this jacket too short? The bottom button of the jacket about overlaps the fly button on the pants.  
Hurray, we finally have some longer shorts!   What sucks is that I got an email about it, and by 6 minutes later when I checked the site, the Dust Olive color was already sold out in most sizes. I wonder what's up with that.
I used to have those type of lenses about ten years ago (I was 12 at the time). They're called transition lenses. They took a few minutes to change, so you would be blind when you walk into a dim restaurant from the street. Also they didn't work in cars. Also, you couldn't get them polarized, which IMO is a big downside. Finally, I seem to remember having problems with them scratching easily, and then the scratches wouldn't darken anymore, because the transition coating...
Looks like the shirt is rather short, I like the jacket though.   Or to paraphrase Cake, "short shirt, strong jacket"?
Deets on the overshirt (or whatever it is)? Looks gorgeous.
And here's me in sweatpants. This is my "sick, but out of sick days" fit. Spent all day doing napping and doing code review so I didn't have to think   Unfortunately my desk (where the camera is resting) is about level with my junk so pardon the odd perspective.   isaora/outlier/uniqlo/nike
I think you want a kind of trashy pair of jeans.   If I think about when someone would wear a deep V T-shirt with that big jacket, it's when they don't give a fuck. But your jeans contradict that statement because they are clearly modern, slim cut, completely standard black jeans, like someone buys if they actually do give a fuck. IMO that is where the issue lies. So the jeans need to be either trashy (like worn out faded indigo denim) or maybe even flashy (i.e....
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