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 Ugh... what law firm is this? The only law firm i know of that is business full time was Cravath.
Bump for price drops!
I have 3 RLBL suits in 38S Drop 7 for sale. The Navy and Black suits have been worn only a handful of times. I am selling because I have gained significant weight (ugh) and now cannot fit into any of these! Going to use the proceeds to pick up some suits from Kent Wang, so rest assured that the funds will be going towards a good purpose.   Paypal fees and shipping extra.   Jacket Measurements:   Chest: 19.5 Waist: 18 Sleeve: 23 Shoulder: 17.5 Length (BOC):...
Great Jacket. Fits small. I wear a 38S in RLBL and the small was quite snug. Medium fits with room for a thin sweater.
Damn. would be all over these if they were a 9.
Damn. Already have a GR1, need a GR2. Sweet backpack!
FYI, I am currently out of town and unable to ship these cards out or meet up until Jan 7th. Will reply to PMs when I get back in the order people are PMing me. Thanks for understanding.
  You just gotta be create and be open to anything. Your JD is a sunk cost at this point, but people will ask questions if you haven't passed the bar. Bottom line is, now that you have a JD, you have to pass the bar to clear up any potential questions. It's too much if you are scoring a 178...
Anyone in need of a metrocard? I am moving from NYC and need to get rid of my existing metro cards. I have a card with 96.30 credit. Can ship or meet up, whatever you prefer. I leave for vacation in a few days, but I'll be back for a couple weeks in Jan.   I also have a sealed monthly card available as well.   The 96.30 credit card is gone. Only monthly available now.       All cards are sold.
Here's my list for must haves in no particular order:   A nice mouse. I use a Logitech Performance MX. Retails for $99 but you can get it for around $60. It's wireless, and charges via micro-USB. Great thing is, if it runs out of battery and you've forgotten to charge it, it will still work by attaching the micro-usb cable. A nice set of headphones. I have my own office, but sometimes I like to blast the music when I get in a groove. I use Audio Technica...
New Posts  All Forums: