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I have NWT size 29 grey skittles. $300 shipped CONUS.
Bump and drop
nope, but I had a pair once. edit, see my op. AW13/
"Coal" buffalo. Atelier had them, AW2013.
FOR SALE: Rick Owens Intarsia highneck leather Jacket | Sz M Season: AW11 'Limo' Model: RU2761 Leather: Oiled Lamb: LC Sz M: (will fit a sz46 or slim sz48) Worn but in excellent condition. The leather is perfect with no issues at all. No rips, scratches, split seams etc. The jacket is made from a perfect mid weight antiqued lamb leather....not like the thin lightweight silky lamb of more recent iterations. This is strong and hard-wearing. Classic Rick. Beautiful cut...
Not sure about shoes but jackets, at least for this season, have raccagni zippers.
I think there are deals to be had there but I can't tell because the site is an utter disaster.
Spoo- What size on the leathers? Thx
Grailed. Maybe eBay.
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