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Cloak cotton jacket (paging @Synthese) http://bit.ly/1gzfm7x
Sold to a great guy
Off the market, enjoy 40 week wait.
ugghhh, BUMP.   over 1K views and two people with interest in 8 weeks. To those getting scared off by the extra sleeve and body lengths: it's 3/4 (.75) inches longer than a stock 46 in the sleeve and body. Really. That much different. Not enough to make it "too long", especially because both the sleeve and bottom hem are ribbed.        one more week and if no one buys, I'm keeping this. 
I've dealt with that seller before; he's a good guy.
Thanks for the bump, it really is a great jacket.
Condition: Worn once for a short time by previous owner, tried on by two others (myself and another SF member). Essentially like new condition. Might work for a large 48, definitely a size 50. It really is a stunning jacket, only selling because the size didn't work out for me or for the other potential buyer. I actually custom ordered another in the proper size in this fabric (at a significantly higher cost than this listing). Label Under Construction Farmers Jacket...
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