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@LA Guy can we move this stuff to a different thread?
Zip boots from AW15 used the squarer last. As far as I can tell, Alessio only uses two lasts currently and the special edition derbies are a combo of those two lasts. If it's three lasts then perhaps the one from the inaisce collab is mixed in there too.
^A, you're 42, right? http://www.ateliernewyork.com/men-footwear-layer-0-men-cordovan-leather-classic-derby-15-h7-b-black-fg-fwbf/dp/20508 Same leather is Eck's pairs above
PSA: they don't ship internationally.
Last call on two BNWT Layer 0 blazers; keeping them if not gone by the end of the week.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/523514/layer-0-new-wool-blazer-aw15-sz-48-fits-46-us-m-eu-48-50-2/0_100     http://www.styleforum.net/t/523755/layer-0-sail-hemp-blazer-ss15-sz-48-fits-46-us-m-eu-48-50-2/0_100
General information/description:  Sail hemp blazer from SS15 season  MODEL: M1411  COLOR: BLACK  MATERIAL: SAIL HEMP  PRICE: 1560 EURO  http://pnp-firenze.com/wp/product/layer-0-3-botton-sail-hemp-jacket/ Fabric comes from sails reclaimed from the Italian training ship, the Amerigo Vespucci https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italian_training_ship_Amerigo_Vespucci which were then overdyed black in an irregular fashion. I'd describe this as akin to a medium-heavy weight linen...
Haha, quoted for posterity.
Pretty sure these came from Sheter Japan originally. Here's their article about the difference. In short, side zips don't have exposed shank. http://artisanal.shelter2.com/2015/06/20/carol-christian-poell-vol-2-am2446l-am2601l-2/
General information/description: 
 Needle punched wool from AW15 season (no retailer beyond a couple in Asia received size runs of these as far as I know. Some may be planned, but this was a special order) 
PRICE: 1560 EURO Fabric is a medium weight needle punched wool with a very subtle pattern apparent only up close. The closest analogue I can conjure in terms of hand/texture is a medium weight flannel, but this fabric is more...
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