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^this. There must be around fifteen or more double zip versions at various shops right now. Another 10 or so in the secondary market.
Just received from Suspension Point after preordering back in May.  Unfortunately Suspension Point will not take a return so I'm listing it here. Size is Medium; recommended for size 44Eu to a SLIM 48, depending on how you want to wear it, with how many layers etc 2015/8/20: 2015/8/20: ADDED PICS OF THE ACTUAL COAT. Measurements of actual coat: S2S: 43cm P2P: 53cm Sleeve length from shoulder to cuff: 64cm Back length from base of hood to hem: 97cm  This cost $1300CAD, or...
These absolutely new without box (see pics, plastic is still on the handles) have a lovely aroma and will keep your footwear fresh and help mitigate creases. $50 shipped for al three (no, I won't sell them individually). http://www.amazon.com/Woodlore-Epic-Twin-Tube-Shoe/dp/B002VWKRE4
These shoe trees sell for $29.99 from most retailers. I will sell these 4 pairs together for $90 shipped. They are absolutely new in box, never used, no issues. No, I won't sel them individually. $90 shipped is the price for all 4.
I have 6 of these brand new never used. I recently downsized my closet and have no use for these. Hanger project sells them in a set of 5 for $40. https://www.hangerproject.com/luxury-wooden-felted-trouser-bar-hanger-set-5.html I will sell these 6 for $30 shipped. No, I will not sell them individually. The price is $30 shipped for all 6.
I've recently downsized my wardrobe and probably bought too many of these originally, so these need to go. All are in new condition (seriously, does this matter? How worn can hangers get?)   These are all in the elegant, darker finish, called "Dark Matte Walnut Espresso". I've included their stock photos and a few of the actual coat hangers to provide a sense of the beautiful finish in natural indoor light.   PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO INTERESTED PARTIES BUYING...
^EMS, so 5-7 days, depending
coat still available, not the best time to sell it, might re-list in the AW
CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL: HIGH NECK LEATHER JACKET: CORS-PTC/10. Sz 46 FOR SALE : Carol Christian Poell High Neck Leather Jacket Form: LM/2599  Material: CORS (Horse)  Colour: 10 (Black)  Size: 46 (Fits 46-48) A stunning CCP high neck leather jacket in horse leather. Made in 2013, per the interior tag. Absolutely perfect, smooth (no grain or scarring) CORS specimen: perfect deep Jet black with phenomenal finishing. Worn very lightly perhaps 7 total times; it still looks...
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