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Aspen is the worst place on earth. Fok should fly jet out so he can spew enough hate to power a small country
  new year's day ft. mochi pounding   isabel benenato beanie luc farmer's jacket l'maltieri shirt wjk tee nama pants cdiem boots novis
So I recently listed my MA+ leather aviator for sale on gr@iled. I received a message from a user in Japan asking if I could ship overseas and if they could get a discount. Later that day I received the exact same message from a different user. I don't respond to the second user, but they eventually buy the jacket for the full price. Both users have no feedback (though they have bought and sold on gr@iled) and I assume are the same person. The whole thing just seems kinda...
Denver represent
http://page16.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/u93145693   wool l'maltieri blazer to fit a 50 (and maybe a slim 52)
  [[SPOILER]]   I need more big pants.
https://www.gnarled.com/listings/322412-guidi-guidi-991-lace-up-boots   for the small-footed person in your life
@nahneun yaaaaasssssssss
 and sometimes the megacorps pay triple for a little wetwork R I P
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