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  Julius_7 vest, tee Silent tank KKA pants Vintage boots City of Boulder dumpster   ty based synthese for this absolutely insane vest
@snowmanxl we're gonna need more pics of that jacket   Also it's nitpicky but I think a poplin shirt would work better there. When will we see the snowmanxl hidden placket shirt for the HiddenPlacketGang? When will we see the first collection? Will you show in Paris? New York? London? Space?
two words           Poeme Bohemien
shut the fuck up miran i'm coming for u
This crazy Damir robe I bought came in today and I was compelled to snap pics so here u go       most dramatic thing I own, which is saying something
forgive meeeee I'm out on the east coast until the end of the week   shoes are dope
@in stitches how long are you in CO?
i too will be in nyc   so far i have Hotoveli, DSM, IF, Patron, Nepenthes, and Idol on the list of places to visit. Where else?
 -heavy breathing- why would you do this to me
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