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 should you ever tire of this...
also: KITTY   [[SPOILER]]
^^ @Eddiee you should post here more
 clothing: clover. there's a kinda cool vintage place next door toofood: julian's (awesome beer selection too, love this place), olga's (breakfast), as220 (can be loud), justine's (can be expensive)the risd museum and wood-gerry gallery can be cool too or go to aurora and watch drunk me body fools at super smash bros melee
 how bout u sell that devoa lapeless to me instead
@ManofKent been really enjoying your stuff recently, especially the kapital ringcoat fits. Would buy one of the long ringcoats in black wool or a cool gray fabric in a second. Also the beard is looking good.   On another note I've always felt that your fits have a kind of box-freshness to them that clashes with the fact that a lot of the pieces are repro workwear. Just a weird kind of incongruity. Thrash that stuff man. It's meant to be thrashed. But also if you have a...
you're not #artisanal enough
Bene I'm back in pvd we should hang out
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