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Synth kop the shearling. Achieve internet immortality.
 If you don't end up kopping please send a link
there's a RAISE PRICE photoshop to be made but I am too lazy to do the deed
Vendalen I really like that, though slightly fuller trousers in a heavier fabric + footwear with a different sole would look better IMO
Never got behind the whole back/sidezip boot tuck, especially with something as floppy and unstructured as Guidis. CCP maybe but I dunno
  Hung out with SF luminary and slovenly drunkard Synthese.   IB/MA+/OV/KKA/MA+/Silent
Why doesn't y-3 get more love? Seriously great stuff, though it's funny to see Yohji at the end considering he does none of the designing (at least I heard once)
since you're wearing leggings I could see hitching your pants up around your knees looking kinda cool
 u wrong
 Technically posted this before the challenge but I had militarism in mind when I put all of this together.
New Posts  All Forums: