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 rarely wear it as is, and will have fewer chances to wear it in the future
Anyone interested in a Linea leather?  
^fav of yours
 Thank you! A lucky consignment store find––really hefty cotton with a beautiful slub and a seriously minimal design. No belt loops, no back pockets, slit pockets, and a small coin pocket built into the very narrow waistband. Lined in cotton poplin to the knee. Almost 12 years old and in excellent condition aside from some wear around the hook/eye closure. They're cut like old French work pants––straight to the point of being flared, which makes them a little tricky to...
very cool Branquinho jacket for cheap   http://page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d174783087
@tellure how do you find the quality of wjk? I only have one pair of boots that were already pretty beat when I got them. How do they compare to Carpe?
yohji MoK best MoK
lol why buy it if you're not gonna wear it
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