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@Auximenes really jealous of that jacket. I really like the pants––a lot of zam pants seem too tapered, but those look perfect. great fit yo
  l'maltieri linen x2 wjk cotton nama vintage cotton carpe linen&leather
extremely based
 IS IT HAPPENING? I can do friday night
gonna be in nyc friday/saturday holla
Cool ma-1. Buzz Rickson?   The fit is a little incongruous––a military repro jacket works with raw denim, but not necessarily a gingham shirt and those sleek shoes. It's half CM casual, half SW&D uniform. Feels weird. I think you could try this with chunkier boots (black? reverse leather? waxed?) and jeans that aren't cut like CM trousers. Get some stacks, maybe a straighter lower leg. And like, a white tee.   And welcome!
  linen over leather
There's a few floatjng around on grailed and y!j. I've worn mine almost every day for the past month. Incredibly high quality garment.
A friend was kind enough to use his nice camera to take nice pictures of these totally fucking radical clothes. L'Maltieri linen overshirt     [[SPOILER]]    L'Maltieri linen labcoat     [[SPOILER]]    Linea calf leather a-line coat with wool lining     [[SPOILER]]
@conceptual 4est is the coat Leder? Looks great.   [[SPOILER]]
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