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 clothing: clover. there's a kinda cool vintage place next door toofood: julian's (awesome beer selection too, love this place), olga's (breakfast), as220 (can be loud), justine's (can be expensive)the risd museum and wood-gerry gallery can be cool too or go to aurora and watch drunk me body fools at super smash bros melee
 how bout u sell that devoa lapeless to me instead
@ManofKent been really enjoying your stuff recently, especially the kapital ringcoat fits. Would buy one of the long ringcoats in black wool or a cool gray fabric in a second. Also the beard is looking good.   On another note I've always felt that your fits have a kind of box-freshness to them that clashes with the fact that a lot of the pieces are repro workwear. Just a weird kind of incongruity. Thrash that stuff man. It's meant to be thrashed. But also if you have a...
you're not #artisanal enough
Bene I'm back in pvd we should hang out
 Chinorlz is easily the best poster still on SZ. It's great to see him develop over the past years and refine his patterns and materials towards something genuinely unique. Easily the most ~~~artisanal~~~ homie posted here, whatever that means. The reindeer leather jacket reminds me of some of Altieri's Fattomano stuff, but you could never mistake it for a copy. Same with the blazers––you can tell the guy has checked out Harnden and LUC and others, but he keeps it his own....
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