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 I work as a ramen chef, sushi restaurant server, and am also a full-time student. I'm in a temporary situation where my living expenses are super low, but that's not gonna last forever. Probably gonna have to stop seriously kopping come fall... maybe for like, a couple years. I also do work on the side as an intergalactic pontiff.
 u wrong
god i fucking hate those things   anyone have any experience with s22m clog sizing? @wormwood?   and anyone interested in a pair of dirt cheap guidi 995s? let me know 
I wanna see svb in an mmm suit.   StanleyVanRegis    
speaking of stooges, I'm trying to sell mine, and a lot of people have been asking for the leather/season–– leather code is RU 9746 LBG. anyone know what season/leather that corresponds to?
need me some linea pants anyway, more clothes from weird italian dudes    [[SPOILER]]
hope you like prov bene, congrats! I'm moving back there in december/january 
I really regret selling my LUC jacket. Cool linen/wool blend, but a little too structured for my taste, plus the buttons almost instantly fell off. sinnedk If you're looking for something more unstructured I'd recommend bergfabel, which imo is nicer fitting, just as interesting fabric wise, and very solidly construction. I have a blazer I might be letting go of...
New Posts  All Forums: