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 these are way, way, way better than anything Zam has put out
 heh heh heh
Also FWIW I just got a pair of IE pants in today. 60/40 ramie/cotton that is immensely comfortable. Fit, fabric, construction, details––everything is on point. The copious amounts of fraying are also a bonus. Easily the nicest pants I have ever owned. 
 take back what you said about macross I've always been kinda interested in Taichi Murakami, has that organic tech ninja feel that draws me to m.a+. Could look cool with Damir too. I remember trying on some of his stuff at Atelier and finding that it fit kinda weird. Also expensive. Also hard to find stockists. Stockists?
/anyone have pictures of MA+ ss15? Can't find much online, or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. I like what I've seen so far though, especially re:color. All black everything is nice, but all the blues and greens and grays like in that pic above are much more interesting
Amadei looks like an extra in a sergio leone flick
rakuten, know absolutely nothing about the brand
 Electric Cottage jacketRick tee and shoesPlokhov pants The jacket is nuts. Pockets on pockets. Trying to get my Cayce Pollard on  [[SPOILER]]
that's why u pinroll bruh
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