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(post more fits)
damn tcwalter07 you done came up
      get your girl some MA+   Seriously though the women's stuff is awesome. I think a lot of designers who have done exclusively men's/women's collections tend to kinda screw up when they start doing collections for both, but Amadei is an exception.
 I'm a waiter.
 why not
fistiny –– I wish i could do that, but I have a gigantic head and huge amounts of unruly hair and so that's basically the only way the hat can stay on my head and look good. definitely had One Piece in mind while getting dressed   mods please change my username to basedpope
-tips fedora-     yyph linen hat (thanks shah!) silk/cotton damir shirt silk/rayon rick tee silk/linen/cotton viridi-anne pants cotton/nylon ma+ boots
wow it's like I can really feel you descending into madness
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