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Like the toeboxes. Those pullons(??) look especially nice. The zips are unfortunate. It's 2016. Why doesn't every brand of even marginal repute have cool tarnished chunky zips?
that atelier coat is absolutely halal. looks like the same destroyed raw silk fabric my devoa lapelless blazer is made of––if that's the case it's a steal at that price
holy shit that parka
that lorcan fit is the only good thing happening in the UK right now
 for some beanies and t-shirts
Anyone know where I can get some medium-to-heavy weight linen jersey?   Also resurrecting this thread.
Hey all, I'm selling this Devoa blazer in 100% cashmere with an extended cotton liner (sorry based e0d). Really nice jacket but I'm looking to cop more Carpe stuff. PM for deets  [[SPOILER]]
Nope, local milsurp store. $15! It was really really long with high side vents, so I hemmed it with a blanket stitch.
New Posts  All Forums: