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 w2k aitor throup stillsuit
Toasty and Bam! going above and beyond
my friend got a pet turtle and named it Givenchy
  [[SPOILER]]  Devoa/ZB/Silent/VTB/KKA/Guidi/Collateral Concepts feel like I should kop a tripod so I can take better lit reliably-angled picsalso hoodie over beanie best cranial layering
also what ever happened to http://otomayimbdipper.blogspot.com/   used to be a lot of cool/weird stuff
I'd let the 21 eme dude take my picture if I could stroke his beard
I think if a street style blogger walked up to me and asked if they could take my picture I'd let forth a ragged, animal scream and not stop until my dominance was asserted and they backed away
  a simple lowball ebay offer ended with me kopping this Plokhov jumper. sup synth and kgfan
I can see what you mean about the pants––they work better with large bulky outerwear rather than that skintight ma+  [[SPOILER]]
yesterday badpix   [[SPOILER]]  Devoax2/MA+/Silent/IS/MA+ Individual Sentiments shorts/leggings are nuts. Color of the legging part is waaaay less purple than it appears in the detail pics––more of a gray brown. Realize that a darker scarf would go better with everything, and maybe some different boots (tucked?)
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