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glundr I really really really like that   [[SPOILER]]  IB/OP/MA+/SDDx2/KKA/CD
Diglet your avatar is fucking me up
I'm gonna be in NYC the next few days... Any suggestions for places to go? So far I'm looking to visit:   Patron of the New Hotoveli Élu Barneys IF CDG Tokio 7 Ina possibly Graymarket and possibly Zam B if he has a showroom or something uniqlo etc. etc. etc.   Any used/consignment shops worth visiting? Vintage? Also any recs for cheap good soups/soft foods? Got my wisdom teeth out yesterday augh
 u also wrong
    u wrong
 I don't see it.
Synth I'd like that a lot more with your Raf linen jacket or something but I think warmth would probably be an issue.
  IB/TVAx3/vtb/KKA/Guidi   is cold
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