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Sorry for spamming thread, have had too much time on hands + convenient pic location.   [[SPOILER]]
Worn a lot, but not recently. Awesome construction––still in great condition. 65% poly 35% nylon. Substantial. I'm a 48 and I wore it pretty oversize. Should work for anyone up to a 52. Price is firm. I hate writing copy.   Paypal with 4%. Ships free in the US and Canada. Anywhere else and I can get a quote.
 walls came pre-purple. Other stuff is pages from this book that I cut out and sticky-tack'd all over the place.
There needs to be a esque smiley for Breezy's face.   But seriously, awesome installment. I'm enjoying these broader questions + longer responses.
effayCoco I'd like that without jeans or maybe with jeans but with a longer tee beneath the knit
    new wall still can't see shit   y's robe damir cardigan silent cardigan + tee kka pants ma+ boots
 Probably, though it's hard to find anything that isn't covered in turquoise. Probably gonna go back to the house of the governors where all these native craftspeople set up shop and look around some more.
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