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Cote & Ciel hood can be folded away tempted
 seriously though I need to find a wrap skirt or at least some tees that hit at mid-to-lower thigh
  Raf parka Silent tee, bag KKA pants Vintage boots
 I have pics with nothing but the dress but you don't want to see those.
someone should drop CM a link when voting starts
You want to see some weird shit? Last summer I was browsing yahoo!japan for Carpe Diem stuff and came across a $50 "poncho". Why not? A week later I opened the package and discovered this:   [[SPOILER]]  A four-armed, cotton/metal/silk(?)/linen(?) women's dress. I was...disappointed? I didn't understand it. And so it sat in the back of my closet. Until today.   Oliver Peoples sunglassesIsabel Benenato hat, knitKKA pantsSilent scarf, bagCarpe Diem dress, boots Long story...
 What fits wrong for you might fit right for someone else. I have one of the hooded aviator jackets in canvas instead of leather, and while it doesn't fit "right" in that it is very slim with super long arms and wide shoulders, and isn't super comfortable besides, wearing it just feels good. People like Maurizio Amadei, who makes MA+, or Carol Christian Poell, who makes some of the meanest, least comfortable suiting I've ever tried––both of them are so good at what they do...
 Brand is Ingrid Dopler. Can't find any info. Pretty sure it's a women's piece
Thanks mang   And no. Same camera, better lighting.
Sorry for spamming thread, have had too much time on hands + convenient pic location.   [[SPOILER]]
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