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how2size ccp sidezips? I'm a 42 in carpe and ma+, and a 44 in guidi. should I go for a 7 or an 8?
that is wrong
also what's the deal with marcus luper
kg fits always got me shounen protagonist determined to train harder and be the best
@Auximenes i really like that aside from the pants. the texture is just too... denimy. feel like you'd do well with some IS pants or KKA or whatever
 that's asuka from neon genesis evangelion. she's probably pissed at shinji for starting second impact or something
though synth himself is a total nerd
also synth's coat is upsidedown 720 quadrakill killtrocity killimanjaro slam dunxxx 420blazeit cool
tva coat cdgshirt knit rick tank & dunks acne jeans
  another contribution. @kgfan5 use whichever you wish
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