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Crosspost from the Baller/Conceptual Outerwear Thread: The Transparent Silk Nomad Parka: A Staple of Every Gentleman's Wardrobe Damir Doma parka came in today. My mind was not prepared. Threw it together with some stuff here you go    Not What I Wore Today: OP/DDx2/RO/Devoa/MA+  [[SPOILER]]  The silk crape is really amazing. Feels like a museum piece it's so strange and anti-functional. Won't see any kind of wear until summer as it weighs about 0.5 nanograms. Dangly cords...
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dub monks  
  Individual Sentiments Shorts/Leggings   Graham is still the man
Purchased from yahoo japan, worn maybe 3 times. Waist was smaller than anticipated so I had the buttons moved a little further along the placket. Moving the buttons back would be an easy fix. Also the lining has come loose in one place in the right leg. Also an easy fix. Price reflects these flaws. Otherwise great condition.   46% wool/6% cashmere/7% nylon/41% cotton heavy jersey. Gray-purple-aubergine color. Warm and very comfortable. Lined through the knees with...
Bought not too long ago off sufu and while I love it I don't think it'll get a lot of wear compared to my other outerwear. Great condition, some pilling and a few loose threads but nothing to be worried about. Worn once and for not long either.   Wool body lined with cotton. Cotton ribbing. Two-way zipper with nice long metal pulls. 4 exterior pockets and two hidden interior. Hardware is very very nice—similar to what KKA uses. Good for spring and fall, or winter with...
A friend and I thought about dressing like yesstyle mannequins until we realized how much yesstyle shit costs and that nobody would understand. Gonna go as a wizard. Really just want to wear a giant fake beard. Regret selling my NCB hoodcoat, would have been perfect.
I assume its impossible to kop now?
Issey vest comes close to perfection
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