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  [[SPOILER]]  Isabel Benenato wool beanieOliver Peoples sunglassesDamir cotton/silk coat, cotton/wool cardigan, cotton/silk shirtViridi-Anne cotton/linen/silk pantsMA+ cotton/nylon boots
 SIG'D edit: fuck it won't fit
mitchellmcm27 I'd like that with a longer tee/otherwise more exaggerated proportions. still cool tho
arm that is straight up in the top 5 best fits I've seen on the internet tell me about that skirt/kilt/blanket thing
MAJOR PRICE DROP I'm an idiot for selling this, but it's kind of an outlier in my wardrobe. Would consider trading for all black Rick dunks/geos in size 42/42.5. Bought from sz user Eye––he custom ordered it from Zam, which means it's the only one of it's kind. Overlocked seams. Sleeves are lined with some kind of rough silk, body is lined with cotton. High moldable collar. Hidden placket. Two interior zip pockets and pockets-within-pockets on the sides. Chunky riri...
do not wear clothes like that in college   you have the rest of your life to wear suits   be like me and wear dumb bullshit
  [[SPOILER]]  Oliver People sunglassesDamir silk/cotton coat and cotton teeSilent wool cardigan, modal/cotton tee, and cotton bagKKA cotton pantsMA+ cotton/nylon bootsCity of Boulder plastic garbage bins Damir robe-coat-thing is nuts––basically a giant butterfly of fabric you have to swim through to find the armholes before you run out of oxygen and drown.
 u wrong Honestly I can find very little redeeming about your fit. Jeans are bad, boots are questionable, knit is out of place, denim toggle coat is way way way out of place and not even in a "fuck brand synergy" type way that can sometimes look cool. Don't know what's going on with the tee. I dunno man, the colors and textures do not work together. It looks like you know what fits, but I think you need to step back and work on some basics and rethink colors and stuff....
New Posts  All Forums: