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 this would be greatly improved with a pinroll and better posture
^schneider pants are dooooooope     There have been some very strong contributions to the ~~~SW&D Challenge~~~, but the challenge is still open and we still need fits! Break out the knee-length shirts and droopy pants, or in moo's case the shorts and blazers.
Ok, contest is extended to May 25th   diniro post as many fits as you want, though I think it's only fair if one fit is voted on
So... The contest is over. But how would people feel if the deadline was extended another week? Off the top of my head I can think of a lot of posters who could post some awesome fits but haven't.
artishard that is the most lookbook-y photo I have seen on this site but the fit is still dope tho
 that's the greatest compliment anyone could ever recieve
MA+ might have the best shapes
u probably shrunk
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