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COATS     homeboy on the left homeboy on the right leather coats get a bad rap   vlas blomme   yohji damir  [[SPOILER]]
L-0 stuff looks so flat
fuck why did i sell my ringcoat
fuck that's so good   i wanna be like thatoneguy when i grow up
back to garbage lighting   [[SPOILER]]
I'll be there first two weeks of August! And yeah, I lived down around fox point for 7-8 years
cold and rainy here \m/
Also I'm going to be in Osaka/Kyoto a little later, and might be able to check out Fascinate. It's not a sure thing though.
HEY   So, I'm going to be in Tokyo along with Synthese. We're compiling a list of places we might go check out and write about––here are some preliminary ideas:   Attachment flagship Lift Hanae Mori Building (mentioned here earlier I think) Isetan Men Visvim Indigo Camping Trailer Dover Street Market Lad Musician flagship Kind (for all you rakuten junkies out there)   Where else do you want us to go? I'll do my best to drag Synth to a maid cafe.
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