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 I too would like to be "hooked up".
can't see shit
Nicholas K is cool. The zip shirt I own gets a lot of wear and is pretty solidly made considering it came from China. I tried on a bunch of his stuff over Christmas/New Years and while it's definitely a look I like it's also reaaaally unsubtle in its aviator/astronaut/nazgul/nomad vibe. Felt a little costumy. For the money I'd save up for old Damir or get some Viridi-Anne or Rick/Julius/BBS/whatever
Yeah. Shoulders might be a bit big, but for the ridiculous price I figured why not.
go away jet   Also got this Number(N)ine blazer. Wool with silk lining. Have no idea how I'll wear it but I bet it'll be fun.  
[[SPOILER]]   Viridi-Anne coat came in
not feeling the color of the tee there, sorry dude
 u wrong is silent
fuck this thread except for that kgfan fit whoa   [[SPOILER]]  IB/Silentx3/Y's/vtb/KKA/CD/Silent
interested in hearing what the rvn is like
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