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yeah, first time outside the US too
Tokyo has some awesome (weird) street art             Lift Ecru leads the pack in terms of stock, atmosphere, and plain coolness factor. Like Synth said, Taichi Murakami stands out––the materials (tyvek!), level of hand work, and workwear meets peasant meets astropunk vibe sets it above and beyond everything else there. The shirt above is a display piece made out of metal mesh. \m/ \m/ \m/      Afuri ramen. Best tsukemen I've had. Gone there twice. Will...
i look faded wow
wow i look uncomfortable there
^^^ believe  
Linea (someone spot me 4k so I can kop)        
COATS     homeboy on the left homeboy on the right leather coats get a bad rap   vlas blomme   yohji damir  [[SPOILER]]
L-0 stuff looks so flat
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