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no vis: herd of like 3000 demonic deer chilling in some dude's front lawn
Purchased from re-porter and while I love it to death I don't wear it as often as I'd like. Macross retails for like 10^6 times more than what I'm asking. Capitalize on my foolishness.   100% vicuña, lined with what I suspect is vicuña jersey (very soft, spongy, etc. etc. it's good). Fabric is intense. Back in the day, Incan kings were the only ones allowed to wear vicuña. You wanna pretend that you're an Incan king, right? Two vertical pockets, one hidden interior...
Milano that's awesome, wish you posted more   zxcvbn that is cool. now stand up straight
ghdvfddhfhvhdhfhvhdhdhshzhzhzhdhf you always have the coolest fits. That jacket. Those jeans.
 that is what I am  It's a one-off I bought from Eye on sz since it didn't fit him. Not sure what the similarities are with the '13 version but I think it's pretty close. Also thanks guys!
4est tell me more about that sweater DividedWay the pants look really good     Raf/Siki/Silentx2/KKA/Docs/Silent   alt with Slam Beret leather  
Obscur is so bad.
Obscur is so bad.
Someone buy this. I regret selling mine so so so much
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