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yes they are
Spent all of high school surrounded by dudes like that so I'm more than a little bitter and angry
 Was reading the shitstorm his fit provoked, came across a post with the dude's facebook. So glorious. So horrible. Ya boy still a Young Republican  cool belt Harrison
Noct Smash Spope Synth(sort of) BOULDER/DENVER CREW
Two Spacepopes     Devoa/TVA/TVA(no vis)/Silent(no vis)/KKA/Guidi     Devoa/ZB/Silent/VTB/KKA/MA+   rehash of older fit but with sliiiiiightly better pic quality
blahspam I like your fits. straight-ahead but effective. I'd like to see better pics tho
margiela is so good keepkeepkeep
long aviator is janky as hell   link to the silent? thanks dude!
Where2kop super long hoodie? Like dress status, something for layering under carnivorous parkas. Silent? All I've been able to find looks to be (relatively) normal length.
New Posts  All Forums: