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$150 is a steal for these
 you a lie
 That sounds crazy coming from you.
Kindo Fyung hahahahaha fuck
qasa   come on now
e0d I'm not sure how i feel about the boots but otherwise really like   jacket is awesome
Was digging in my closet and found these old APCs. Don't think I've worn them in a year. One of the back pockets is completely busted, the crotch is about to be blow, and the waistband is falling apart. I think I'm gonna wear them more. Jacket is a WWII US Navy piece that is also completely busted but so so so soft   [[SPOILER]]
  Macross Frontier     Kapital   s/o to fromjapan for putting up with my incompetent self
@ghdvfddzgzdzg I really like the proportions there. Are the jeans black raws? Been thinking of getting a pair to beat up. Also you should find some kind of noragi thing, think it'd go great with a lot of your stuff
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