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THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE, BENE (the tee looks fine ignore KOY)   [[SPOILER]]
@bows1 deets?
KKA   wool/cashmere I think   more linen long coats yaaaay
Not really feeling the boots but the pants more than make up for it. Tell me more about that tee
just turn the whole damn thread into artisanal streetwear or something we don't need like three different threads smdh   tellure that jacket is crazy beautiful
Idol brooklyn stocks them I think
I'm with nicely on this one--G+R would fit with almost all of your stuff I think. Take the plunge. Or get on that TOG dayton service boot concept. But I can see it now: sashiko coat, white tee, those green margiela jeans, and then some beat-to-shit G+Rs
fav toasty fit in a while
  L'Maltieri linen labcoat. Miiiiiiiiiight be a size too big but longtime grail acquired. Thank you @brad-t  for your awesome guide to proxying with zenmarket!
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