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 Everything needs to be about 1000% times more beat up. Also maybe some reversed leather boots?
 thought you were talking about league of legends IP boosts for a sec if anyone wants to carry a shitty kog maw hit me up
watercolors!!!!!!!!????? aw shucks thank you!
 I was too busy getting shot around the world by united airlines and recovering from the experience. Will you be back in boulder?
Ugh I'm so mad at you for buying that If you find yourself not wearing it, you... you know who to call
Great post Mr. Nicely! A lot of those details--particularly the not-quite-overlock and the handwork at the hems--reminds me of Linea and L'Maltieri stuff. Which makes sense, since there's been some collaboration. I still want that hemp blouson at Lift...
stitches working it
Best sushi I've ever eaten? Best sushi I've ever eaten.
 That's the plan, along with some words on the stores Jasper and Alex won't cover! Though right now I'm way too tired and overwhelmed to write anything substantial. I'm headed on Kyoto on the 18th.
yeah, first time outside the US too
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