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^same   [[SPOILER]]
Also one more day for the PROPORTION CONTEST
One day the collective posters of this thread will set aside their petty differences and embark on the quest for the ultimate WAYWT wall. Some will give up, some will be lost to us forever, but some will overcome the insurmountable odds and claim their prize––thumbs the likes of which even Parker and svb have never claimed.   waywt wall quest 2014
two more days for the proportion challenge. post entries you nerds
@nicelynice where'd you get those arts + science pants?
Don't really want to sell these, but they don't get enough wear.   Carpe backzips in a mottled brown-black-green (green doesn't really come through in the pics, unfortunately). Really beautiful leather with a ton of depth and a subtle almost-gradient effect.   These are pretty worn––there are scuffs on both boots, mostly on the outside heel area and on the toebox. Still, they're superficial, and kinda add to the whole worn-in ~~~artisanal~~~ feel. The stitching on part...
thanks stitches! It's brushed cotton with an extended cotton/lyocell lining   also good choice on the Devoa pants
ps the angle of your photo sucks
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