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vintage military jacket crew   [[SPOILER]]
Aw man, thanks everyone for the votes! Now what   I was thinking a DIY contest. Post pics of the DIY process, then a fit with the DIY piece? How does that sound? Anyone have any different ideas? Regardless I don't think I'll be able to start the contest until Wednesday, as I'm in the middle of finals right now.
sz is the papyrus font of internet clothing forums
Get the B1s
maybe untuck shirt???   [[SPOILER]]
@Auximenes please eliminate goatee. Also i think you'd do well with a slouchier beanie like the one I have
Don't want to take a picture?   Draw one instead.     Isabel Benenato hat Silent sweatshirt + bag Individual Senitments shorts/leggings Vans slipons
there needs to be a ~draw what you are wearing today~ thread
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