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https://*****************/listings/145384-bless-hood-poncho   someone buy this crazy thing
@ManofKent please post university fits
^really good!   [[SPOILER]]
Don't own any wjk, but the Jun stuff I have is really really high quality, on part with Carpe Diem stuff. Actually, some of the oldest Jun pieces are retagged Carpe models from the brand's last few season––as far as I know Jun and Altieri are pretty tight. But yeah, I have a pair of backzips that are really tough and some pants/basics that are similarly impressive. I don't think Jun is involved with wjk anymore, but I'd expect the level of quality to be very high,...
some say it's the leather of a shark
@WBaker I don't really like the bottom half. Maybe just like... slim denim? Something less dramatic? The kickass cloak leather is good enough. 
 in what way is he a troll? because his criticism isn't delivered with kid-gloves?hes one of the few people who actually knows what hes talking about
You gotta cut the stitches
should you ever tire of that coat...
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