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 oh sup
  [[SPOILER]]  IB/TVA/Nicholas K/Silent/KKA/CD
Humbly requesting the recipe
runningfrog I do not like your hair and I am sorry I can offer zero constructive criticism in that regard   rest of the fit would be better with untucked shirt/wide neck tee?
More of an interest check. I've never actually worn this knit, but it's so mind-blowingly beautiful that whenever I take it off the shelf with the intent of selling, I always end up putting it back.   Old LUC. 100% alpaca and completely reversible. Intentional pulls throughout––while the knit looks fragile it's very solidly made. Only real flaw is the large repair the previous owner made on the left armpit, though in my opinion it only adds to the knit's character....
yes post pics please
Synth kop the shearling. Achieve internet immortality.
 If you don't end up kopping please send a link
there's a RAISE PRICE photoshop to be made but I am too lazy to do the deed
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