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^yes   I already dress like 2011synth so...
50/50 Wool/Cashmere. Very soft and warm. 110 inches long wow! Raw edges. Dirty white color––goes with almost everything. Worn sparingly. You buy now.   Paypal with 4%. I ship free to the US and Canada––anywhere else and I can get a quote.
Snow I don't usually like that coat but it looks awesome here. Definitely one of my favorites of yours     isabel benenato beanie ma+ jacket and boots nicholas k shirt damir tee kka pants silent bag same shit
jfc toasty just kop a bunch of yohji and quit fashunz
damn dorje where in colorado did you say you lived?   cuz i can feel your butthurt from here
 I do not have nice hair. Cali douche head condom beanie is the best option for all of us trust me
  [[SPOILER]]  IB/ZB/N(N)/Vintage/DD/Silentx2/MA+/BBS Wool Linen Silk Cotton
 I know you're joking around and that's totally cool and okay !!! but I'd like to take this opportunity to let you are easily one of the stupidest, least funny, and most worthless sacks of shit on this entire board, which is really saying something. eat shit =]
 I too would like to be "hooked up".
can't see shit
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