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Julius leather came in. Pretty happy. Leather definitely isn't as nice as the Zap Brannigan I had, but it has a nice mottled gray-blue-black-brown color and besides I bought it more for the design. Insect carapace status.     with IE pants and MA+ boots that I didn't wear for more than 30 seconds since it's like 95 degrees here
lol@mall grab
  h e h   h e h   h e h
how can i hear ghdvfddzgzdzg on the radio
oh wow we have a new winner
  yyph linen hat uniqlo linen shirt devoa horrible diy job cropped pants macross boots
...do I have any say in this?
^not sold on the blue shirt in #1. tee might be cleaner   [[SPOILER]]
The thighs of these pants are not very forgiving. Go yohji!
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