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Rais is the most underrated waywt poster   T's twins are going to become the rulers of a kingdom of steeze yet unseen on Earth. I tremble at the thought of how hard they will style on the rest of us.   2 Legit 2 Quit meet me outside uniqlo
that is awesome and I hate 5-zips good job hugewitz
sorry for posting all these fitz but the weather is nice and this vest is the alpha and omega       Julius vest Damir tee Silent tank, pants, bag Vintage boots
one day, stiches   one day
     [[SPOILER]]  Sorry for all the pics, but this coat is serious business. Triple layered cotton jersey, raw edges everywhere, cool belt-thing on the back, hidden buttons and loops––it's substantial as hell and when you put it on it instantly gives that second-skin feeling. Good reminder why people still worship Altieri. 
 yes that is on my resume
  Julius_7 vest, tee Silent tank KKA pants Vintage boots City of Boulder dumpster   ty based synthese for this absolutely insane vest
@snowmanxl we're gonna need more pics of that jacket   Also it's nitpicky but I think a poplin shirt would work better there. When will we see the snowmanxl hidden placket shirt for the HiddenPlacketGang? When will we see the first collection? Will you show in Paris? New York? London? Space?
two words           Poeme Bohemien
shut the fuck up miran i'm coming for u
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