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 in what way is he a troll? because his criticism isn't delivered with kid-gloves?hes one of the few people who actually knows what hes talking about
You gotta cut the stitches
should you ever tire of that coat...
Carpe, especially l'maltieri and especially linea (and the more obscure side projects), has this futuristic bent that a lot of the ~rusticgoth~ brands don't have. That's not to say Altieri doesn't take influence from older styles of dress, but the technical chops and patternmaking swag is on full display with many of the pieces in a way that is more organic than the rigid ccp stuff and more subtle than the julius stuff (rick is doing a whole different thing imo). It's arte...
The a last seems like a real bid to the harnden/rusticgoth crowd. Wouldn't be surprised if that's where all the money is. The other lasts look to me to be a more logical continuation of the carpe stuff. A last still 10/10 would kop. Anyone had any experience with wjk boots? Eyeing a pair that looks a lot like carpe s52m. Is the carpe quality also there?
few days ago   [[SPOILER]]  2day   [[SPOILER]]
absurd steal on this l'maltieri cardigan. should fit 44-46   http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/rpfstore/item/10590206/
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