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Very wide-legged j-shaped trousers. Like, wide enough to swallow up my whole foot+shoe. Disco pant status.
^^what these guys said. Tapering is super easy if you know any sewing basics, you just have to remember measure everything, pin everything, and cut off the excess fabric only when you're sure you got it right. I completely ruined any resale value these pants had but I'm happy enough with the result.
that's the platonic ideal of the regis fit   but why not laceless gats??????
holy shit rip
 welcome back man we all thought you'd been smothered to death under a pile of korean club girls 
    Devoa cashmere   @e0d9n0b5 confirmed homie
fuck yea
 yeah, some musician friends were talking about a 3k rotary mixer... tiny little thing it makes me feel better about myself, and then much, much worse
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