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  ma+ aviator odyn vovk tee void tank acne jeans jun #imouto boots
 please shave goatee pls unbutton top ~2 buttons of shirt
 I work as a ramen chef, sushi restaurant server, and am also a full-time student. I'm in a temporary situation where my living expenses are super low, but that's not gonna last forever. Probably gonna have to stop seriously kopping come fall... maybe for like, a couple years. I also do work on the side as an intergalactic pontiff.
 u wrong
god i fucking hate those things   anyone have any experience with s22m clog sizing? @wormwood?   and anyone interested in a pair of dirt cheap guidi 995s? let me know 
I wanna see svb in an mmm suit.   StanleyVanRegis    
speaking of stooges, I'm trying to sell mine, and a lot of people have been asking for the leather/season–– leather code is RU 9746 LBG. anyone know what season/leather that corresponds to?
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