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baller pillows   baller mattresses   baller comforters   endless debates over thread count   orange lights everywhere   welcome to hell
 if you're not using flux i don't even want to talk to you where is the ♕♕♕OFFICIAL SW&D BALLER SLEEP THREAD♕♕♕
fuck bbs   idol is cool and v friendly
the legendary thrice-cursed sipang sweater
 down a size and a half i think? or just one, can't quite remember
 bag is drkshdw x eastpak boots are cold weather military boots. I guess the raf simons collab is based on the design. They came with an entire instruction booklet on their use and ways to avoid frostbite and trench foot. The little metal thingies on the side can be opened to adjust pressure, in case you're on an unpressurized plane ! cool stuff
If we're on the list for fit jackets how long you think they'll take?
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