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 Chinorlz is easily the best poster still on SZ. It's great to see him develop over the past years and refine his patterns and materials towards something genuinely unique. Easily the most ~~~artisanal~~~ homie posted here, whatever that means. The reindeer leather jacket reminds me of some of Altieri's Fattomano stuff, but you could never mistake it for a copy. Same with the blazers––you can tell the guy has checked out Harnden and LUC and others, but he keeps it his own....
@Auximenes really jealous of that jacket. I really like the pants––a lot of zam pants seem too tapered, but those look perfect. great fit yo
  l'maltieri linen x2 wjk cotton nama vintage cotton carpe linen&leather
extremely based
 IS IT HAPPENING? I can do friday night
gonna be in nyc friday/saturday holla
Cool ma-1. Buzz Rickson?   The fit is a little incongruous––a military repro jacket works with raw denim, but not necessarily a gingham shirt and those sleek shoes. It's half CM casual, half SW&D uniform. Feels weird. I think you could try this with chunkier boots (black? reverse leather? waxed?) and jeans that aren't cut like CM trousers. Get some stacks, maybe a straighter lower leg. And like, a white tee.   And welcome!
  linen over leather
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