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 sorry i had too many family obligations to go out and drink gallons of soju also @bows1 thanks for the barber rec they were great
howdy     linea heavy cotton jacket LUC silk/cashmere knit KKA stretch cotton curved jeans Carpe Diem reverse horse boots
Good haircuts in Manhattan/Brooklyn? For not $$$?
Some cool stuff lately.   [[SPOILER]]
sup @nahneun     [[SPOILER]]  Coat was a long-time grail of mine––I took the plunge for a size 2 instead of a 3, and though it's a little tight all around I think it works.
we can't have a rotating cast of banner fits?
I want some PR Patterson in my life.Anyway it got cold so I swapped the long coat for the leather      [[SPOILER]]
I miss good old internet trash talk
@ckessani Those are really bad. I'd save up and go for guidi/buttero/petrosolaum.     @arnoldpettibone Those look really nice, especially with those pants. I love my pair (well, I guess they're someone else's now) but just couldn't make them work with my wardrobe.   @MickeyPunch The Juns I have are really really solid, almost on par with Carpe. Over the past two years they've handled road salt, heavy weather, industrial cleaning solvents, drunken nighttime adventures,...
    [[SPOILER]]   Did some cleaning and thought I might post the family (though the linen-over-leather boots are gone as of today). From left to right: Carpe Diem s61m in horseCarpe Diem s49m in waxed horseJun Hashimoto s21m repros in destroyed reverse calfCarpe Diem s24m in destroyed reverse horseKazuyuki Kumagai Attachement 6-holes in calfma+ in cotton/nylon ripstop and calf Carpe Diem s23m linen-over-leatherCarpe Diem s55m in reverse horse I'm thinking about selling the...
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