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fav toasty fit in a while
  L'Maltieri linen labcoat. Miiiiiiiiiight be a size too big but longtime grail acquired. Thank you @brad-t  for your awesome guide to proxying with zenmarket!
the lapelless blazer is back   [[SPOILER]]
 is dat sum ma+? source?
 Yeah, the pants are a 32 and the jacket is a 38 (my typical sizes). The jacket fits TTS––I could fit a medium-weight knit underneath. The pants run about a size large. These sat very low on my waist, but I really liked the effect combined with the hidden drawstrings in the hems. If I were to get the pants I'd go TTS. Also: both pieces are fucking dope. The fabric is light, breathable, and with the perfect amount of slub––a little textured, but not over the top. Good for...
  who's interested
which one of you fuckers is hoarding all the sz48 carpe diem stuff   i know you're out there
fuck that greg lauren is dope
    muji beanie hand-knit cotton scarf from Laos(?) courtesy of @nicelynice and hand dyed by yours truly  vintage 1950s Czech work coat void tank acne jeans jun hashimoto boots
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