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do it, just sell me that lapelless long coat first
stay away from that s49m everyone
sorry for the fit spam but we finally have some jacket weather   [[SPOILER]]
omg synth
 once bought some rafstros and there was a lil bag of weed in one of the pockets
@Rais has a ton of amazing stuff up on grailed, and at criminal prices. If I hadn't given myself over to the dark lords of arte povera jawnz I'd definitely pick up a few pieces (that JPG polyurethane coat whoa! that Final Home hoodie damn!)   https://www.græled.com/users/7371-nash_tz/wardrobe   PS Rais if you're reading this I still want to buy that JPG astronaut parka
work fit lol     rando linen popover acne jeans carpe diem linen-over-leather booties
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