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I need two pair of cheap dress shoes, one in black and one in brown. I want to spend under $150 for both. What brands and styles should I be looking at?
Does Lands End still have no time frame for returns? I want to return some things I bought in January at Sears
If no tie then I'll wear a blue shirt instead and maybe a watch
It will be too hot for any layering.. about 80F. I live in SoCal
Im going to a career fair next week and networking with some Fortune 500 companies. The dress code is business casual. Will this be a good outfit:   Brown shoes Light beige chinos White oxford shirt Burgundy tie
Does anybody know what size width band I have to get for a Seiko 5?
What size should I get in tapered for unbranded?   My sizes: APC NS - 28 N&F WG - 29 Levis - 31/30
Thanks. Not all people check this forum often enough to see your comments. Dont be mad.
not my style man. but to each his own.   would you know the answer to my question?
How is the inseam length on the chino shorts? I dont want it to fall above my knees when standing
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