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get40 code not working for anybody else?
How can I determine if mine are have enough seam?
What do you guys think?
Can a tailor increase the waist size of my trousers by 1 inch without making it look altered? I need my size 30 pants to be increased to 31
Im looking for something with laces. It will be worn with suits.
Thanks, I'll give Nordstrom a look
I have a grey and a blue suit and do not want to wear black shoes with the blue suit
I need two pair of cheap dress shoes, one in black and one in brown. I want to spend under $150 for both. What brands and styles should I be looking at?
Does Lands End still have no time frame for returns? I want to return some things I bought in January at Sears
If no tie then I'll wear a blue shirt instead and maybe a watch
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