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The shoulder sticks out because of padding. Is this something a tailor can fix? I wish I can post better pics but all I have it my camera phone on a overcast day.   Thanks for the feedback
  Unfortunately I washed and wore this shirt before I tried it on
What if my shirt cuff is too narrow to cover my diver watch? My diver is thick and I dont normally wear shirts with cuffs that cover half of my palms.
Is it common for Uniqlo shirts to be inconsistent in sizing? I bought 3 oxford shirts a year ago. One of them is nearly a full size smaller than the others and I cannot button the neck button...
The charcoal is like the one below. I also have a pale blue oxford shirt but I thought white would provide better contrast.  
Is it acceptable to wear charcoal gray dress pants with a light heather gray cardigan? A lot of gray but of different contrast/shades. I will be wearing black shoes and a white oxford shirt
If I am going to a career fair wearing dark grey dress pants (not as silky as suit trousers), can I wear an oxford fabric shirt with it? Or should I stick with poplin?
Too bad it's sold out in small. I need something for the occasional days it rains in SoCal.
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