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How do I get the corporate discount?
I am in no rush to get this suit but I would like to have it in the next 3 months. The others here have recommended against buying JAB if I have $500 to spend though.
What retailers do you recommend?
Yea I dont want an extremely slim fit, but I do want a moderately slim fit since that's what fits best on my build. Unfortunately, there isnt a Suit Supply in San Diego and people here have advised against buying suits online. What does MTM mean?   Im not sure what other places I can look at in my area. Do Brooks Brothers 1818 suits ever go on sale for $600?
What are the main differences in fit and value between these three? My build is 5'9" 145lbs. Id like to add Brooks in there but they are a little over my budget.   Im looking for a timeless charcoal suit (for my build) that I can get for $500.
Can I return online purchases at a store?
Hmm looks like I should return the thing and just invest in a nice suit already. Ive been wanting to wait for a good job offer but I can always get it sooner. I'll do some research and see what I can find in the $500 range.
The shoulder sticks out because of padding. Is this something a tailor can fix? I wish I can post better pics but all I have it my camera phone on a overcast day.   Thanks for the feedback
  Unfortunately I washed and wore this shirt before I tried it on
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