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sweet!  thx
Can somebody recommend a shirt for my measurements: 15 neck, 36 chest, 33 sleeve   I want something that does not wrinkle on the elbow pit (my uniqlos shirts do this). Im looking to spend no more than $40.
My graduation is coming up very soon and this will be one of the few times I can wear a tie casually. I want to get something playful but not obnoxious. Any ideas?   I thought camo might be a good idea, problem is I dont know if it's the best to match with charcoal pants and black...
Do all of Uniqlo's shirts wrinkle extremely easily at the elbow pit area?
Do the 1818 suits ever go on sale? And does the 30% off corporate sale apply to these suits?
Any BRZ/FR-S owners here?
You said this opportunity is in the Bay Area; I believe you are referring to Mountain View, where the cost of living is quite high. Factor that in with a $10k pay cut and I think you should NOT take it.   With that said, Google is a great company to work for (albeit overrated; its marketing to attract talent is superb). Have you negotiated for a higher salary? Many people are hesitant to do so but negotiating for an extra 5% is almost never going to hurt you. Justify...
Thing is, I want to buy about 5 of these shirts and dont want to waste $100 on shirts that I may possible swap out for more casual shirts. I guess it could never hurt to wear dressier shirts as I see a lot of men wearing dress shirts for business casual.    Dress...
I am about to start a job for a Fortune 500 firm as an IT project manager. I will be working with upper management, developers/engineers, analysts, and end users. The dress code is business casual.   My question is whether I should buy "casual shirts" or "dress shirts". Casual shirts tend to be oxford button downs while dress shirts are made of silkier, lighter material. Which shirts would be more appropriate in this environment?   I will need to buy a bunch of...
Do you guys advise me against buying an MTM suit? I still havent found a local store that does MTM suits for $500... All of my MTM options are online
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