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How do I get a membership card?
That's why Im glad I dropped out of college after my first semester. I hated school, got very poor grades, and had no idea or plan about what I was going to do with my degree. After being out for 3 years, I knew that I didnt want to wash cars for the rest of my life and grew more motivated to obtain a practical education. I followed that with tons of research before I declared my major.
I guess you cant go wrong with OCBD. I bought a couple thinner, softer dress shirts as well. I think Im going to skip the tie for the first day though.
I see going to college more of a risk. I didnt get as lucky as you did straight out of high school. After I dropped out after my first semester of college, I was still struggling to earn $10/hr. I worked LONG hours and still couldnt amount near what I am making now. I wanted to start a business but couldnt afford the startup costs. 
thank you sir
Mid $60s straight out of college which is actually a lot more than I expected and more than 90% of my fellow graduating classmates. I guess I got pretty lucky. I just graduated and work in IT.
Are their 1818 fitzgerald suits MTM? If not, which ones are?   Also, for a MTM suit, would I go into a BB store, get my measurements, then wait for them to make my suit? This will be my first MTM suit and Im very new to this.
Can you elaborate? are these for 1818 suits?
So camo tie = douche?
Do you know if it will be on sale for 60% off again in November? I can wait till November if I can get an extra 30% off
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