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Create a list of potential interview questions, construct a thoughtful answer, and practice answering them
Hmm Im really thinking on holding off on buying my 1818 fitz till November   How long will the 30% off corp sale last for?
How do I get a membership card?
That's why Im glad I dropped out of college after my first semester. I hated school, got very poor grades, and had no idea or plan about what I was going to do with my degree. After being out for 3 years, I knew that I didnt want to wash cars for the rest of my life and grew more motivated to obtain a practical education. I followed that with tons of research before I declared my major.
I guess you cant go wrong with OCBD. I bought a couple thinner, softer dress shirts as well. I think Im going to skip the tie for the first day though.
I see going to college more of a risk. I didnt get as lucky as you did straight out of high school. After I dropped out after my first semester of college, I was still struggling to earn $10/hr. I worked LONG hours and still couldnt amount near what I am making now. I wanted to start a business but couldnt afford the startup costs. 
thank you sir
Mid $60s straight out of college which is actually a lot more than I expected and more than 90% of my fellow graduating classmates. I guess I got pretty lucky. I just graduated and work in IT.
Are their 1818 fitzgerald suits MTM? If not, which ones are?   Also, for a MTM suit, would I go into a BB store, get my measurements, then wait for them to make my suit? This will be my first MTM suit and Im very new to this.
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