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My APCs show a gap on the middle-lower area of the fly like shown below in red. The area is in the center of 2 buttons. It is most apparent when I am sitting down and the area bulges out. Can a tailor fix this?   I think sewing the upper button opening deeper in would fix this issue. It would need a lot of reinforcement though because of stretching.
What size in tapered fit should I get if I wear a size 29 in APC NS?
Ah I guess people have different standard for humors.. 15% off is a good deal (expires tomorrow), but I was hoping for something a little more. Im in the process of losing a few pounds so Im in no rush to get it.
Is that meant to be funny?
Does APC have any sales during Black Friday?
How much is a pair of 2-week used APC NS in size 28 worth?
I want to get a pair of NS but dont want to pay full price :(
Can we expect Unbranded to go on sale in the next few months? Also I wear a 29-30 in N&F WG... should I get a 30 in Unbranded?
Im looking to buy a pair of NS... when can I expect a sale in the next 3 months? I can wait for the cheapest deal
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