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What do you guys think the length of chinos should be? I have two pairs from Lands End, one with a 30 and the other with a 32 inseam. If the pants are worn at the waist and I sit down, should my socks be showing?   Im not sure which pair to keep
So do Alphas have 7.5 or 7 3/4 openings? Can somebody else confirm?
What kind of jcrew tops in medium have you tried? Im worried their different pieces (button-downs, crew necks, etc) might fit differently if I make an order all for one size   Im not into the tight fit so I was thinking either small or medium... Im pretty skinny but trying to gain some weight so in a couple months I can weigh around ~145   So what do you think? Small or medium? I normally wear medium sized t-shirts and they fit me well after the first wash & dry
what size tops should i go if im 5'9 135lbs?
I have the darker grey selvedge.. it looks good but I need to get it hemmed before wearing it
How do the flannels, crew necks, and hoodies fit? Im 5'9 135lbs
Sucks that the jeans cost so much now. They used to be $35 I believe.
Corporate leader as a college student?? Student group project helps us develop leadership and management skills as well as emotional intelligence. There is a reason why graduate programs involves MANY group projects.
In for later... I micro-managed a group of 18 for a semester long project for my systems analysis & design class and we did very well. We ended breaking the group into subgroups of 6, with two other leaders leading their respective subgroups. There were some conflicts with some group members missing out-of-class meetings but in the end, we resolved everything and earned a 95% on our project. Im also taking an OB course with much emphasis on leadership styles and...
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