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what is your height and weight?
Not sure about RRL size but that is def a med sized head
This   Since we now know youre a software engineer, i'll say fading raw denim will take quite some time for you. You should start off with a pair of slim Levis and pick up a pair of more expensive jeans later... I know youre making some decent money so id definitely encourage you to spend a little extra for clothes.
Do these look good with N&F wg or APC ns?
What do you guys think the length of chinos should be? I have two pairs from Lands End, one with a 30 and the other with a 32 inseam. If the pants are worn at the waist and I sit down, should my socks be showing?   Im not sure which pair to keep
So do Alphas have 7.5 or 7 3/4 openings? Can somebody else confirm?
What kind of jcrew tops in medium have you tried? Im worried their different pieces (button-downs, crew necks, etc) might fit differently if I make an order all for one size   Im not into the tight fit so I was thinking either small or medium... Im pretty skinny but trying to gain some weight so in a couple months I can weigh around ~145   So what do you think? Small or medium? I normally wear medium sized t-shirts and they fit me well after the first wash & dry
what size tops should i go if im 5'9 135lbs?
I have the darker grey selvedge.. it looks good but I need to get it hemmed before wearing it
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