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IT consulting? Though it seems that you dont have nearly enough experience yet. Something to consider for the future though. Im looking to be a project manager as well.
  I thought fit is all relative to the wearer
Guys Im not sure if I should go with a 9 or 9.5 in DBs. They both fit but the 9 is a bit tight in the front. My heels seem to lift as I walk with either size but i think this is normal. The size 9 also takes quite a bit longer to put on my foot. Which size should I go with? It's leather not suede
Is the size chart consistent with all of their shirts? Ive heard that their shirts do not fit consistently and button ups run bigger.. just want to make sure
  I didnt mean that literally lol. I heard that uniqlo's button ups run bigger than their other shirts. Not sure what size I should go and I will be ordering via suddenlee. I really want to avoid a return/exchange.
At 5'9" 145lbs, an oxford shirt in small should fit me perfectly right?
How much would it cost to get an oxford shirt slimmed on in the waist area (not the upper chest) and hemmed?
Doesnt the 1947 501 fit like the slim guy already?
What is your ideal cut that is tight but not too skinny? What brand and cut? I dont think the WG is too skinny; I think the SG is too skinny however. I can understand if youre not feeling the taper though.
Do uniqlo oxford shirts fit slim? They dont offer a "slim fit" design
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