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They are the zip fly UJ version. It is selvedge but seems to be uniqlo's lower line. From what Ive read, MIJ and the red tabs fade much better.   The thing is that these do bleed on my shoes and stuff. Ive worn them for about a half year and there is next to no fade. Thinking of getting a pair of APCs.
Would you happen to know who this affiliate is? Perhaps you can point me the right way. Would love to get any kind of savings.
And is the cheapest price for them $175? Ive looked around and every retailer seems to be selling them at that price. Are there any retailers that typically have sales?
I wear size 31 Levis, 30 uniqlo, 29 N&F wg. Should I get a 28 or 29 NS? I had a 31.5" waist last time i measured but could be 32" now
Anybody have uniqlo raw indigo jeans? Mine is barely fading at all after many months
My first suddenlee order came in. Shipping was very fast and rates are more than reasonable. The tag and receipt of the flannel shirt I bought showed that it was on sale but the website showed the full price. Im going to contact suddenlee and see if they will do the price adjustment for me.
I was thinking of taking them for a hike when I first get them to break them in
Thanks for the response guys   I went a full size down from my normal size and they fit snug. After a little stretching they should be perfect.
I got my beeswax DBs on the way. Do you think they will pass for business casual shoes? Im really broke and cant afford another pair of shoes
What tie fabric would go well for business casual? I have a class presentation and want to dress just a notch better than the average guy. Is silk inappropriate for business casual? Perhaps I should do wool? Wool seems more appropriate for winter to me   I'll pair it with chinos and an oxford shirt
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