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 I really enjoy teriyaki chicken Californian rolls and most sushi concerned with eel.
Glass and leather hip flask with Mount Gay rum, it's a winner. Nothing beats having some rum around a fire in winter with some mates.
^^ The last one is the best.  
Argument is getting old. It was nice when i joined that this thread was interesting photo's with a good healthy discussion now it has descended into trivial bickering. let's go back to what is was, please.     I like this, it's got a bit of character.
If the worst comes about and you want to teach the guy a lesson, I believe there is a possibility this falls under the "Lanhamn Act" specifically false advertising. It would appear that the criterion are met as the misleading advertising lead you to make a purchase you obviously would not have made if there was full disclosure of the condition of said item.   I have never studied a day of law in my life...
^^ Yes 
Hi, been interested in fashion for a bit now just fairly casually. I generally like to try and look reasonable when I go out. I'm from Australia currently still a student so on a pretty tight budget. I love bow ties and that sort of quirky vintage things which would probably explain my recent purchase of a blue top hat. I'm a fan of sports coats and jeans i'm not really particularly phased about the brand as long as it's well made, fits and looks good.
Hello, just wanting to know if anyone knows where I might be able to get a leather burgundy bifold wallet. I have been looking for a while and haven't come up with anything. preferably <$100 as I am on a student budget :( I hope this is the right place to post this question, still new and all :)    
"The stitching is in MINT condition and there is only a very slight scuff on one heel, so minor that my camera cant pick it up clearly enough to show on the listing! " His camera is broken if it couldn't pick up any of that... 
You mean my good pair of Blunnies aren't nice dress shoes? 
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