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thanks for posting that jt! cool link
Had no idea this was a new style haha. I don't at all care about "trends" or anything like that, just asking if it looks good or not (though I'm guessing some people must think it looks good if it's becoming more popular)? Anyways thanks for the response and meanwhile a bump for more.
hey guys :) sorry for starting a new thread, I couldn't find the "ask a question get a quick answer" thread unforunately I was going to buy this pretty nice oxford shirt the other day that happened to have a button down collar. But for some reason the collar ended up folding to look like this: [img][/img] How weird does this look? I would mainly wear it with two buttons undone so I can't just...
Hey guys,   Hopefully this is a good place for this question. A friend of mine will be buying a suit for me from another country (where it will be much cheaper than where I live). I want to give her specifications on what the suit should have and what it shouldn't (this will be my first "good" suit, the last time i bought one i had no idea what i was doing). I have a slim build at 6'4" and 180lb.   so far I have: 1) needs to be navy or charcoal (plain cloth, no...
But I find that shirts look really good when the cuff is really tight around the wrist :( am I in the wrong?
Yep, I ended up seeing somewhere else that the cuff should come over the watch. But like you mentioned some shirts have really tight cuffs (I happen to like the look of such shirts a lot) and I couldn't get the watch under the cuff if I tried. In such cases it's ok to have it out and on display?
Guys who wear watches,   When you wear them with a dress shirt or a sweater, is the watch below the cuff (in plain view) or hidden under the cuff? It's kind of pointless to have a nice watch and have it hidden under your sleeve, but for me it seems that it makes my whole sleeve seem to long if I rest it so that it's held up by the watch (if that makes sense lol)
#6       #7       sorry for so many posts :)   I'll be using the "pinch and pin" seen here in this video to alter the sides   Can I also use it for the sleeves? or would the cuff pose a problem? And of course if the shirt is too long I'll just tuck it in.   Thanks in advance for your help/opinions
And here are the ones I think need a bit of alteration. Please tell me what you think needs to be changed (eg too loose around waist, or hips, or sleeves, or too long, etc)   #3     #4     #5        
Hey guys,   I'm going to be attempting to alter some of my own shirts in the next few days (some are kind of old and not too expensive, so I don't mind taking a chance trying to alter them myself instead of paying a tailor). Now I'm not exactly sure about how each shirt is supposed to fit exactly. I think the two in this post fit well; can they be my benchmark for altering my other ones?   #1         #2      
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