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I actually returned my first pair because the upper part of the boot was digging into the back of my leg/ankle. I compared the right and left side and the side that was bothering me was angled in more towards my leg (hence the digging). My new pair feels just fine. I haven't completely broken them in yet, but they feel much better than my first pair. I told LL Bean that they were defective and I was able to exchange them for free.
I usually lace up to the 2nd from the top. I think they all come with some light scuffs. Both pairs that I received had a little. Mine have been attracting dust... I've been thinking abouut applying some leather protector, but I want to keep the color they are now..
Hexagram, that's interesting that the 511's were baggy for you on the bottom.  The 511's that fit well on my waist were baggy through my thighs and knees and tight on my calves.  It sounds like it's pretty tough to gauge what fits you unless you are able to try it on or get the measurements.  FWIW, many of my friends wear 511's just fine, and it has a slim/skinny look on them all around.   I didn't even try the 510's, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to get...
Reminds me of someone at my work who's been covering the toilet seat with, I swear, 10+ layers of toilet paper/seat covers on the toilet and not disposing of it.  It's disgusting to walk in on it, and it was especially disgusting when one day there was a big spot of blood on it.  It looked like some dude had his period.
As of right now, no.  I've recently started warming up to Korean cars, but I still don't see myself buying one anytime soon.   How can 1/6 of the world's population NOT produce a good car?  It should happen eventually, but what's the current problem that China is facing?  I think that's the real question in this thread.  There are some good arguments being made in this thread (as well as some bad ones)... I personally don't have an opinion, but that's mainly because...
second... 34" inseam would be monstrously long on my stumpy legs.    I'm thinking about eventually getting some weird guys, but I'm pretty sure I would need to hem them to somewhere between 30-32"... Thanks for the advice above to leave about 1" to allow for some shrinkage.
Thanks for the reply.     I just received my 2nd pair (replacement), and brand new it looks darker than my 1st pair that I only wore for one day.  I think once the leather gets worn in a little, the color turns lighter.   I need to oil mine.. but I don't think I'll do that for a few months.  I don't really want the boots any darker than they are right now. I do want to eventually apply some kind of conditioner/protectant to help the leather though.
I personally don't see much of a difference between the "new" Katahdins and the ones earlier in this thread.  I see a difference between the Katahdins that people put oil/leather protection on and Katahdins that have been worn for a long time, but I do see similar pictures earlier in this thread that look like the "new" ones.   Can anyone confirm that their older Katahdins looked different compared to the "new" ones?  Just wondering, because the picture on the 2nd page of...
It's just weird that parts like the neck, cuffs, and shoulders are all smaller for "slim" fit.  It's more like slim and small fit... lol   My girlfriend probably thought I would fit into the slim fit since I'm a pretty slim guy.  Maybe Asians in Asia are super skinny.  
Just wondering if any of you have experience with Asian vs US/UK sizing..   I bought a couple XS dress shirts from the NYC SoHo store in March 2010, which fit fairly well (neck/sleeve length/shirt length/shoulders/a bit too wide around the stomach though).  My girlfriend bought me a "slim" dress shirt at the Hong Kong store in a Small in December 2010 and it was way too tight, a tad too short, shoulders too small, cuffs too tight, and neck was too small.    Do...
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