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  Munky, I got some regular sized 8oz bottles of Lexol conditioner and Neetsfoot oil from Motorgeek UK last spring. Well worth a try and even in these sizes they go a long way.
 +1000 BTW Great job on the MTOs Brummie, IMO the rough out material and the sole unit gives the last shape a nicer silhouette than the regular Snowdon. very nice.
 One edit to the sourcing of the C&J Skye boot. Was just on the Ben Silver website and they also sell the calf leather Skye, theirs comes on a dainite sole unit, I think the regular C&J model comes on a leather sole so nice to have some choice.,25393.html Fine looking boot.
 Both Skye calf and shell versions are indeed C&J shops and C&J mail order only. I think the calf is around 425GBP inc. VAT and 600GBP inc. VAT for the shell. There'll be P&P ontop of that if you get them by mail order. You should contact them via their website to check on availability of your size.
 Good spot Brummie, 30GBP cheaper than C&J and free shipping on items over 250GBP. Good deal.I have a real problem with C&J's frankly outrageous international shipping charges for single pairs (30GBP). Islay from C&J mail order will set you back 455GBP all in with no VAT back for EU buyers.
Looks like Herring Shoes are no longer holding stock of Church's Grafton and Shannon in Burgundy Crup (Cordovan). They've added the limited sizes they have left to the sale and seconds section which you can access from the home page There seem to be more Graftons than Shannons, none that I can see in UK7 to UK8.5 but there are some smaller sizes and UK9s and larger. Still pricey at 425GBP inc VAT but decent discount from the RRP of...
 Love these Namor and nice combo.Will have to get a pair before C&J replaces brown version with blue shell ;-)
 This Brummie, navy just doesn't do it for me (btw I have handled the black scotch grain that C&J uses on Onslow and Grasmere and I don't like it either so perhaps I have a double negative bias here). Having said all that they have a nice distinct silhouette and look good on you.Decisions, decisions.....
^^ No probs. Some nice heritage stuff on Purdey and not just the footwear collection which used to be more extensive. The Grain Leather Twin Strap Boot look stunning. Unfortunately oh so very expensive.
^Not sure about them brummie. Not having seen them in person I don't like the photos on the C&J website. Bit too fashion fwd for me. Something that Church's get slaughtered for on Styleforum Would prefer any of the Consiston variants available through James Purdey for pretty much the same price.
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