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Still looks too big, imo. I would sell
  Did you hem the jeans? Fit looks great    
That is a size small after soak? Wow. How tall are you? I was thinking of getting that jacket but I'm not very tall (5'7").  
Flat Head x Naked & Famous x Tate + Yoko Collaboration Jean, pretty nice stuff   For anyone who has not seen it, here is the link  
2 inches stretching? After how many wears? Because most people say that it doesn't stretch that much.
For anybody who owns the Elephant 1 or 2, do you know how much they stretch (mainly in the waist and thigh)?
Do most people buy their N&F jeans from Barney's? I'm assuming when you mention price drop, you are talking about Barney's.
Sorry, it's just that I never knew Momotaro made men's jeans with a 21" waist.
Yes, the jeans could stretch that much depending on what you do in them. Most likely they should be okay.
Did you mean to type 29 or is their actually a size 20? If there is, what is the waist measurement>
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