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What job are you taking (or looking for) and where?  The acceptability of options would vary greatly according to the responses to these two questions.   
They are not designers, but rather "brands".  They buy their products from manufacturers in low labor cost countries, slap their own name on them as well as on the packaging, and sell the products at 100% markup if not more.  This is common practice with many product categories.  This is the reason you see very similar products with slightly different packaging and greatly different pricing in multiple stores.
It is a gorgeous watch, well done.
  You realize it's a Parker, right?
Only if you have good looking feet and manicured toes.
  For a job interview - a suit.  An evening out - depends on who you hang out with and where you are going to. 
I wear French cuffs with no tie very frequently and have been doing so for many years and everywhere I have lived at (Amsterdam, Texas, Los Angeles and now in Silicon Valley).  Rarely did anybody make a comment about them, and as far as I can recall they were all positive.  I am in my 50's, in the technology industry and have seen a number of people dress this way over the years.
Pink is one of my favorite colors for shirts, I have several (linen, french cuff and in various shades) and always get compliments when I wear any of them.  
This is a Cauny watch I bought many years ago in Amsterdam.  It served me well in a recent job interview and since I got the job I decided to treat the watch to a new ostrich strap and deployant clasp, replacing the old cheapo strap it had.  The watch is a good size, at over 38mm so holds its own on my fairly large wrist:  
They are beautiful watches, good looking and very well made.    
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