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  They are black.
My six months old Semi Dress with Horween Chromexcel leather. I use this to ride my Harley to work on a daily basis.    
Can someone tell me which last is this?   Thank you in advance.  
  Here's my latest pair in British Tan. Ordered them through Bakers.
@Kyle - Order no 12668   I did anticipate the busy holiday season, hence I placed my order back in Sept 14.
@Kyle - Order no 12668.  I did anticipate the busy holiday period, hence I placed my order back in 14 Sept.       
I have no doubts about the quality as this would be my second pair of Semi Dress. But 8 weeks going to 9 weeks now is a bit strange. I just hope theyll arrive in 2011. 
Ordered from Baker 8 weeks ago. Still nothing. He kept saying it will be a few more weeks before its done. Best you buy direct from Whites. 
Go for natural to get a nice contrast between the leather and the sole.
Just received my boots from White's eBay store. A two-tone Oxidado Bullhide and Black Pebbled leather, no lining. The fit is just nice. Comfortable straight out of the box. Sizing wise I followed exactly as per my Red Wing 575.  
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