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That seems awfully dark as grays go
Speaking of which, where do you suggest sourcing some simple solid wool/cash ties in browns and grays? I've checked with what I would describe as the usual suspects, but I came up with nothing.  I find a lot of herringbone or other stuff, but no good solids.
  What a rotten piece of advice
  I was thinking of a tan/mushroom plaid jacket with either a solid sky blue shirt or some kind of wide-striped bengal striped shirt in some shade of blue, or maybe pink, etc. In a medley of patterns, I thought a solid puff of navy hank might work to anchor it all.  Probably senza tie.  I am inclined to agree with you -- it seems like if you go solid, white linen always hits it out of the park, and a solid silk has a weird cocktail party vibe to it.  I think if we...
See here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/76012/the-proxy-thread-i-gotz-da-hookupz/0_10
Seeking inspirational photos of a solid navy hank done right. 
That is from SW&D subforum circa F/W 2009-10
Hilarious.   Good eye.  same haircut.
I agree with the knit tie suggestion above.
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