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Have the sold out hoody in Small, Medium and Large sizes. 160 shipped in the US. Add for Canada or EU.
Have a pair of lightly used Mark Mcnairys for sale. Purchased these from SSENSE last year. Never got around to wearing them a whole lot.
Up for sale is a brand new Clash Parka from Carhartt WIP. Love this jacket, but I won't be needing it as I'm moving to Dallas, and it's a bit heavy duty for the weather there. This jacket is the 2014 model. I don't think they've changed the style of the jacket. It's selling online for $345. If I can't find a buyer in a couple days I'll throw it up on ebay.   Local Meetups in Toronto. + $25 Tracked Shipping anywhere in North America. 
If you're in Toronto, Nomad sale was pretty good. Lots of good deals. W+H x Ace Jacket on for 60% off.
Still available. 
Open to trades on these.
New w/o tags APC NEW CURE. Size 31.   $100 + Shipping.
oh, that makes more sense then.
I often find myself wondering why there are so many posts about bow ties and crap. Isn't this a "street wear and denim" sales thread? 
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