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Was thinking of purchasing the $99 wool peacoat, but I've heard some disappointing things in this thread about it..
  I'm glad you posted this, and I feel better about ordering the medium in that cardigan.  I'm 5'9, 170 with a muscular build and broad shoulders especially.
Not feeling their polos too much.  I probably should've read before buying that they're not 100% cotton though, so I may try the weathered fit ones in the future.  However, really like the merino wool sweater, cardigan and cheapo fleece jacket.  All in and all I'm satisfied.
How would you all rate their polos and sweaters in terms of quality?  Obviously, I'm not expecting top of the line but just something decent enough to hold up for a few months.  I'm awaiting the online store to open, since I'm out of the market area, but have heard decent things about their clothing.   Also in terms of sizing, do you find their items and such to run small/long?  I know their supposed to be somewhat slim fitting.   I'm about 5'9", 165-170lbs, athletic...
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