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  do you seriously not understand why people have a problem with you spouting toxic misogynistic bullshit like this?
 most of the "stretch" models contain either 2% or 5% elastane – Tate & Yoko and Blue Owl are both pretty comprehensive if you want to check the composition of a particular pair.
sashiko blazer arrived. the fabric is very cool, but unfortunately the medium seems to be a little large for me. don't suppose anyone knows of some place other than Context that still has a small in stock?
Reductions at Indigo & Cotton.
looking good koy, i agree w/ @ghdvfddzgzdzg though - four-in-hand is all ya need.
#DADFLOW for 20% off shirts and blazers at Hugh & Crye.
DADJEANS for 15% off at The Knottery (valid until the 15th).
does anyone happen to have recommendations for some simple leather flip-flops? i'm thinking something like this:  
this sufu thread may be of some assistance (title says "urban" but it covers a wide range of tech-wear):   http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/116740-urban-techwear/page-152
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