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my very boring list of favourite runway shows:   Helmut Lang A/W 1999 Helmut Lang S/S 2003 Yohji Yamamoto A/W 2012 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme S/S 2012 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme S/S 2013   and non-runway collections:   Rick Owens A/W 2001 Song for the Mute A/W 2013 “Septième” Devoa S/S 2013 Talking About The Abstraction S/S 2013
  i'm not usually into sneakers, but... i think i'm kinda into sneakers.
really like that, @adiosditto. tell me more about this "bluesville"...
helmut:  [[SPOILER]]  been vaguely on the lookout for some derbies for a while, not sure if i'm sold on the shape of these though. maybe too... square-toed?
steadily falling in love with those w+h x vibergs. 
best part of that is that someone thought "BuffaloWang" was a reasonable name to associate with their business.
 one of you bert-sized people had better take advantage of this spectacular lapse in judgment or so help me...
 zam had some samples/old stock for sale on SZ recently, not sure what's still available though: http://stylezeitgeist.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18844 (i have one of the contrast panel wool knits and it's deliciously cozy.)
marsells for silly cheap: http://*****************/listings/40638-marsell-mm1583   jeans from everyone's favorite helmut collection: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/157738-robert-geller-robo-sweater-99-helmut-lang-biker-jeans-cdgh-jackets/
  pros: don't really have any knits and am currently watching a layer of ice accumulate on the inside of my window. cons: not sure if i'm too awkwardly tall/skinny for current SNS sizing, duties from END make me sad.
New Posts  All Forums: