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heretics.  [[SPOILER]]
   i'm sure glad all these dudes on the internet are here to explain to me what misogyny is!
not if you value your sanity. edit: the systematic pattern of misogyny and intolerance that moo has displayed over... let's say his entire posting history here hardly seems "innocuous".
is someone selling a 48? i see only a 46 and a 50...
i thought it had already been established that the robot is 
my very boring list of favourite runway shows:   Helmut Lang A/W 1999 Helmut Lang S/S 2003 Yohji Yamamoto A/W 2012 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme S/S 2012 Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme S/S 2013   and non-runway collections:   Rick Owens A/W 2001 Song for the Mute A/W 2013 “Septième” Devoa S/S 2013 Talking About The Abstraction S/S 2013
  i'm not usually into sneakers, but... i think i'm kinda into sneakers.
really like that, @adiosditto. tell me more about this "bluesville"...
helmut:  [[SPOILER]]  been vaguely on the lookout for some derbies for a while, not sure if i'm sold on the shape of these though. maybe too... square-toed?
steadily falling in love with those w+h x vibergs. 
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