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has anyone tried Hugh & Crye's dress shirts? i'm looking for something with a sturdier collar for tie-wearing and theirs look like they might actually fit me OTR.
 thanks for the info! i actually had one of those sitting in my dream box for ages which i now regret not copping...
love the leather shirt/jacket(?), canstyle. deets? brad reminding me slightly of this in the best way possible:  [[SPOILER]]
cheers @OccultaVexillum, thanks for the info! disappointing to hear but i guess it isn't surprising...
was it this one by any chance? been curious about the brand.
tons of Cloak.   http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/155599-massive-cloak-sell-off-grails-rarities-ma-staple-derbies/
 a lot of the N&F jeans that Gilt sells are produced specifically for them. i haven't heard if the same goes for the jackets, but it wouldn't surprise me, especially if you can't match the details on that one to any of the regular models. could still be worth getting, though: usually the only difference is a lack of selvedge, which not all of the mainline jackets have anyways. (and FWIW, thigh fades always take the longest to develop for me. exact time frame depends on the...
 anything particular you like about that one? looks a lot like the lightweight hoodies that Alt Apparel and Jungmaven make.
 was it in his SZ thread? never got around to PMing about pricing. ($950 seems like a solid price anyways given that these don't often pop up used.)
collateral leather. colour looks weird/amazing.  
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