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^ would love to know how sheer the light blue is if you do end up getting one.
 that's zam, right? don't see enough of his (non-leather) outerwear around, i'd go for it.
^ agreed. i have an overdyed henley from a few seasons ago with a really nice irregular streaky texture that doesn't come across at all in photos.   has the crewneck popped up online yet, or did you see it at a b&m?
the sashiko patchwork blazer is growing on me, despite Context managing to take the worst stock photos i've ever seen:       may have to cop if it makes it to sales season.
 ha, was wondering who grabbed these. i find myself opening spope's classifieds every once in a while just to admire his stuff. (that sounded creepier than intended.) leather looks perfect, arm.
 not complaining.  
 am I missing something or was this a truly epic necrobump?
^ Thanks for the heads up! I actually talked to that seller a while back and he said he'd only ship internationally using eBay's Global Shipping Program, which is crazy expensive for Canadians. Someone in the US should definitely jump on it, though.
Looks like Gravity Pope has some new pieces in, don't think I've seen these before:  
I'm looking to buy a W+H cargo blazer from F/W '11 in black, size small or medium. Please note that W+H release a variation of this blazer almost every season, but I'm looking specifically for the one from F/W '11. Hit me up if you have one you'd be willing to part with!
New Posts  All Forums: