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yooooooooooo   http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kanful/item/g002339194/
hey could anyone who's ordered directly from OL lately confirm/deny that their service is still abysmal?
my quest for the perfect bedford has led me to these two versions from F/W '10. looking for a size M (i think – basically whatever will fit a slim 38) in either. hit me up if you have one you'd be willing to part with!
apologies for disrupting the fit pics, but since this is the closest thing to a general-purpose EG thread i figured it would be the best place to ask: does anyone happen to have measurements (or sizing advice) for some older bedfords, specifically the black unlined wool and black cotton whipcord versions from F/W '10? gonna post a WTB but i'd like to at least know what size i'm looking for first. for reference i'm 6'1", ~140 lbs, usually wear a slim 48. any help would be...
50% off (what's left of) F/W '14 at Rooney.
 it's 2015 and people still think there's a difference between wearing clothing and "playing dress up".
  hard-line logical positivist?
yeah but can anyone prove that he doesn't have a severe facial scar and is missing half his nose?
unfair to 2nd year fashion students, but i agree with the sentiment.
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