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 obnoxiously x-posting from Ask A Question... since a few people here seem to have this coat – i'm a slim 38, not sure if i should go with a 3 or size up to a 4 to account for the very narrow-looking shoulder measurements. sizing advice greatly appreciated!
the sulphur-dyed WGs and black power stretch SGs/SSGs are both pretty immune to fading, although i don't think either are overdyed.
wondering if anyone could help me out with devoa sizing, specifically for the high-neck coat. i'm a slim 38 which usually seems to = sz. 3, but the shoulder measurements look kinda narrow...
 if you're a medium...
 long shot, but did you happen to see any backpacks at the sample sale?
i do not know the answer but i fell like that question could be a zen koan.
 uh-oh, just copped... what problems did you have?
they're unsanforized, but i've heard the Japan Heritage 2s are similar (FWIW Blue Owl describes them as being "woven at extremely low tension").
^ i'd say go for it.
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