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Extra 10% off sale prices at Indigo & Cotton with PLUS10.
great fit and very jealous re: that gig, mbaum. (if you haven't already, you should def give The Understanding a listen – one of my very favourite electronic albums.)
 believe it's this one: http://www.styleforum.net/t/215977/styleforum-success-stories
  new "kimono" weird guys at Barney's look kinda cool. indigo warp / khaki weft, with kimono fabric for the pocket bags and lining.
  agree w/ DuckSoup – i'm 6' / 140 lbs and wear a slim small, so that'll def be too long on you.
Up to 35% off at Indigo & Cotton.
  do you seriously not understand why people have a problem with you spouting toxic misogynistic bullshit like this?
 most of the "stretch" models contain either 2% or 5% elastane – Tate & Yoko and Blue Owl are both pretty comprehensive if you want to check the composition of a particular pair.
New Posts  All Forums: