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what jeans are those, claghorn? (far from a trainwreck in any case.)
disagree, after a couple wears and some breaking in it'll be fine.
awesome deteriorating Cloak sweater:   http://www.grailed.com/listings/4634-cloak-cable-knit-sweater
really enjoyed your last few fits, TTO. please continue posting them on this side!
^ i like the shirt. EG?
 really like both of these. also, i think koy's shoes work with that fit.
the "beige" linen shirt looks like it might be a nice colour, would have to see it IRL though.  
  W+H continuing to dominate my basics game.     from tira's shop. think i could quite happily buy any/all of their pocket squares.
 i know it's probably out of your hands, but $18 international shipping for a pocket square is unfortunate.  
^ the jeans are definitely pretty popular around here.
New Posts  All Forums: