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As I feared, the in house shoes don't seem to get too many ringing endorsements. Out of curiosity, how does the forum feel about Chippewa? I feel I've heard decent things and would be curious if they hold up with the "for J Crew" suffix
Due to the holidays and a lot of, to be kind to friends and family, ill-informed ideas of my personal preferences, I came into about a lump sum total of $350 in credit at J Crew. I certainly have enough of their stuff and am not in need of much by way of cloth but I am thinking of going into their shoes for some new goodies.    http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shoes.jsp   Unfortunately this puts me below Alden level. I'm leaning towards some boots, and I wanted to...
Hey all,    I found this shirt here in a thrift store in NYC. Considering it's NYC the quality could be anything from Zara to Thom Browne so I'm curious about this one. It's a black shirt, sort of a western patching style on the shoulders, with a distinct red/yellow/maroon stripe going up the placard. There aren't any tags inside, not even for a size, and I could use even some laundry instructions. Anyone recognize this one? Be grateful for any...
Hey all I just found this shirt in a thrift store and was wondering if any of you recognized this stripe pattern stitched on to the plaquard. It's red/yellow/maroon. There aren't any other tags. Consideirng i picked this up for a costume I'm not too attached but I could use finding out washing instructions or if there's any value. It's a thrift store in new York so it can be anything from Zara to gieves
Hiya,    I picked up these trousers in a thrift store, still with tags on them. They're made in Italy, cotton, and are listed as model KP-17 and article KI-CANN. I tried googling around but I have not had any luck. I'm attaching a photo of the logo as well. Please if anyone could help me out with what pants I bought (they fit really well) I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
Hey all, I posted this thread asking to identify a thrift store suit I picked up. It's green, Japanese, and I'd love some advice on what it could be. Please check the link and let me know your thoughts. http://www.styleforum.net/t/316754/help-identifying-thrift-store-find#post_5774319
Thanks, othertravel. Here's a photo of the only tag I found. It's a little crappy of a photo, sorry. The only info filled in on it is 40L
Hello stylish gents,    I could use some of your help. Perhaps you might enjoy this challenge.    Recently while rummaging through a Salvation Army (I'm in NYC, if this helps later on) I found this suit amongst the racks. It seems to be a rather well made suit but with no labels of any kind, so I was wondering if any of you guys could help me deduce the make/model/year of it.   It's deep dark green with a faint blue pinstripe on it. The only tag I could find...
Wow, thanks! What an encyclopedic knowledge you have. Out of curiosity, though, since I'm a bit of a buffoon and impatient, is this the kind of thing a dry cleaner or leather goods place could clean? And if so, would it set me back considerably?    Thanks again!
Hey all, Been lookin for a good satchel and found one in a consignment shop. Brazilian leather, label's in Portuguese, and feels nice n' suedey, but there's a fair deal of darkening on the back and under the handle, with a few blotches here and there on the front. It's not character destroying, per se, but it'd be nice to make my own wear marks. Is this something that can be cleaned, either at home or professionally, or this permanent damage?    Apologies for the...
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