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Thanks for all the advice everyone! I've been leaning towards not doing grad school anyways--mainly because of the student debt and I just want to start working--and I think this has definitely pushed me all the way off of the grad school path. Now I just hope I can get a job...
I'm currently a 4th year undergrad in journalism, and I'm planning on going into the PR field when I graduate. But, I'm wondering if I should get a Master's degree in it. Some people have said that in the long run it would be good, but others have said it won't really make a difference. I'm in a PR/communications internship right now, so I know it's what I want to do--I don't think grad school would help there. Plus I really don't want to get student loan debt. But would...
Also (another n00b question), what do you guys do about stacking/length? I'm 5' 10" so the PS are long on me. Do you just cuff 'em or take them in to get hemmed? 
So I've scanned this thread a little, but I just want to make sure; if you're going for a skinny fit throughout, then go with the PS, right?
I know this is probe a n00b question, but which Quoddy boots are those?
I'm looking for some brown leather Quoddy boots. Anyone know a place online or in LA where I can get some? 
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