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Only worn these three times. I was a 31 when I lived in NYC, but since I've moved to Alaska I've lost weight (must have been all the hiking!) and now I can't try things on as easily, either. I had them hemmed to a 30" inseam.
Check out The Playground in the Santa Ana Arts District. Amazing food, and a lot of other good bars nearby. 
Do you mean the Ground Jacket? Been looking at picking one up
Anyone have info on the fit for this year's herringbone coat? I'm hesitant about buying from overseas if I'm not sure about the fit. Thanks!   
Graduated a year ago with a journalism degree. Had one communications internship at a chamber of commerce type place during college, then another PR internship at a music publicity place after graduating. Sadly, neither internship went anywhere and my supervisors haven't been especially helpful in finding other jobs.   I live in NYC now, so I know there are jobs out there, but I just can't seem to break into PR. Every internship now seems to only be available to college...
Just got some camp mocs after returning a pair of loafers that didn't fit me well. Now I'm worried that the camp mocs don't fit well either. My left heel slips out a little bit when I'm not wearing socks. They fit perfectly around the toe box, and with socks they fit perfectly. What do?
Thanks for all the advice everyone! I've been leaning towards not doing grad school anyways--mainly because of the student debt and I just want to start working--and I think this has definitely pushed me all the way off of the grad school path. Now I just hope I can get a job...
I'm currently a 4th year undergrad in journalism, and I'm planning on going into the PR field when I graduate. But, I'm wondering if I should get a Master's degree in it. Some people have said that in the long run it would be good, but others have said it won't really make a difference. I'm in a PR/communications internship right now, so I know it's what I want to do--I don't think grad school would help there. Plus I really don't want to get student loan debt. But would...
Also (another n00b question), what do you guys do about stacking/length? I'm 5' 10" so the PS are long on me. Do you just cuff 'em or take them in to get hemmed? 
So I've scanned this thread a little, but I just want to make sure; if you're going for a skinny fit throughout, then go with the PS, right?
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