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Anyone get their shipment from the Unionmade Archive sale with missing items and pro-actively get notified by Unionmade?  I order some stuff on the last day and it just shipped yesterday - but the package weight seems light!
I have these booI have these boots and I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with the durability of the single sole; it wore down much quicker to the welt stitching than any other alden's I have owned.  Also, I wear them in the same way I wear my other aldens (rain or shine); never in a downpour.  They look great - but will be switching them to double soles when the time is right...
Opinions on the Belfast Bureau take on the Ultimate Indy?     
All - I hadn't seen this stamp before on shell - is this a new thing?  
Thanks to the Jcrew code - I picked up a pair of the cordovan cap toes.  After reading about sizing, I decided to go TTS.    As a result they feel a lot more like my indy boots which I size down a half size.    Either way, can't beat the price paid.
watch what you wear! Taking my shoes off at DCA security. Those are really nice shoes - says well dress professional girl; Thank you - I reply; They make me jealous! - says girl; Me : speechless
Heads up 30% off works on alden at jcrew
Wow - did the seconds list just get a 50 dollar increase across the board? 375 for CXL? getting close to that point where buying new makes more sense for common models...
Whenever I wear my Aldens, I always feel like people are checking out my shoes - maybe I'm just staring at them myself - but do you think there is an odd appeal to Aldens? (regardless of the leather or last)
JCrew Alfred Sargent Double Monk Size 9.5 New in Box  (photos added to show how nice snuff suede is in varying light) These are direct from jcrew and not returns or outlet items   Paypal Only; $375 includes shipping   Family-owned UK cobbler Alfred Sargent has been making shoes in the traditional English manner since 1899. Our design team worked hand in hand with the cobbler to create this exclusive style, crafted from genuine Italian leather. Bench-made by master...
New Posts  All Forums: