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Couldn't successfully sell my Indy boots - so now looking for a cobblier in Boston.  Anyone have suggestions for where to go - I need new heels!
Brand New   Viberg Service Boot   Black Chromexcel   These are VIBERG size 9 which fits about the same as a Alden Trubalance | Barrie  Size 9 US    Please do sizing research accordingly.
Not much to say - Alden Indy 403 Chromexcel - Pre-Owned.  Size 9   Selling shoes | boots that don't get much wear anymore.   $300 + paypal fees; buyer pays shipping   Have good ebay feed and will provide if there interest
Pre-Owned - Would guess it would be hard to find a pair in this condition   Danner Lownsdale 9.5 Wide;  the last of these shoes is narrow so the wide width is basically a standard shoe width.  I am normally a 9 in Alden Barrie.  (do your own research on sizing of course)   Will ship to Continental USA only.         Have good ebay feed and will provide if there interest
Are the RL Lindricks really worth that much more than a comparable Alden wing cordovan boot?  Retail pricing of 1100 seems a little ridiculous and overpriced to start.   Note: trying to stop myself from jumping on them with the sale!
Thanks much for the feedback - I think the cordovan versions of the ramsey are great - just not sure how good the plain old calf versions are... must try to go check them out in store.
what does this forum think of the double monk alfred sargent from j. crew?  I'm looking for a brown dress shoe around that price point.
PTB Hanover Cordovan LB Sheppard size 9.5d I purchased these vintage shoes last year in new condition. I immediately added a vibram topy to the double leather soles to protect the shoe from wear. These basically have been worn in the office and to get lunch. Also they were part of a rotation of shoes I wore at work. As a result, little wear in the original Goodyear heels. One would be hard pressed to find a pair of Hanover lb Shepards in this condition and in a...
I love the shell on Ramsey;  I was wondering how the Ramsey compares to the J Crew Double Monk in terms of construction?  (outside of the obvious shell difference)
What do you all think about these laces?
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