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sounds like i'll have to go with my usual plan - keep them clean as long as i can so they fit the varying nature of my wardrobe - than "downgrade them" to casual only wear when those stains start to really set in!
Does anyone know if the reverse chamois will stain the same way suede does?  I'm always worried about raw denim stains ... my wife calls them first world problems and tells me they are just shoes!
Yes Barrie.. The split toe makes it appear a bit more narrow in the he toe box... And the single sole makes the overall profile a bit more dressy... All part of my plot to wear these in the office!
Had a chance to drop in to unionmade last week - great shop - couldn't resist picking these up...
Just a heads up.  I was at the Tannery Outlet in Boston (back of the store on the left - top shelf) recently and saw a pair of cigar PTBs for 50% off.  Size 8.5.  Looks like they had been tried on a few times with some creasing and minor scraps on the sole (it is an outlet after all).   Not my size or I would have been all over them.
Any have their viberg service boot resoled?  Does viberg do it?  My biggest worry is duplicating the double stitch and using the existing stitch holes.  Heard some others have ended up with single stitches when sending to other well known resoling places...
... is it just me or are those sample sale prices just a little too high?
Black fleece longwings - first c&j's.- 325 wider than I thought it would be...
Just wanted to thank the guys that responded regarding on who the makes these:  http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Calfskin-Wingtip/FZ00039,default,pd.html?dwvar_FZ00039_Color=BLCK&contentpos=11&cgid=1189   I did end up ordering a pair based on the fact that I believe these are C&J.  (Although many think they are grenson)   I came to the conclusion after looking at every medallion pattern i could find from english shoemakers.  I stumbled upon these ebay...
I know this is the alden thread - but thought the experts here could help me.     I have been looking for some black longwings for some time - does anyone know who makes the black fleece version?   http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Calfskin-Wingtip/FZ00039,default,pd.html   Tempted at 50% off   Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: