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Thanks for the feedback all.  I was looking for a good everyday / bad weather day shoe and i think these will work (and get beat up along the way).  In the future, when I think about seconds - i'll think if its a flaw/damage that I could create in the first few wears - keep them; otherwise, send them back.  If they are not a standard alden makeup - that's a plus too. That said - i'm still willing to pay full price for the pleasure of being the first person to scuff my shoes!
My pair of seconds - Innsbruck arrived from the shoe mart - found the fault - tool mark at the top of the toe box (front of the medallion).  would you guys live with this??    
In my search for an all weather shoe - I am trying my luck on a pair of shoemart second Innsbruck.  I'm not holding my breathe that they will be keepers - as I'd be amazed if they show up with only a minor flaw (given that I am picking up something that was on the March seconds list) - fingers crossed.
Funny you mention that .. Called Alden madison yesterday and sales rep didn't sound like he had much interest in selling a pair of shoes. First interaction - probably won't call them again.
 Thanks - I really like the unionmade make-ups.  How did you know about the Halleck pre-order??  and is it still open??
Opinion needed.  I live in the northeast.  Looking for a boot that can be worn year round when it rains.  Trying to avoid boots with speed hooks as they have historically destroyed the hems on my pants.  Also looking for low maintenance item.  Average to build (not trubalance) ... realizing this is my bootmatch.com post as I type.....
For the spring .. wasn't sure about the atom style ... but digging it so far...
Anyone ever try to use a emery board (nail file) to get glue or tar off there seude boots/shoes? I read basically you are taking a thin layer of the seude off. I am okay with that but obviously don't want to solve one problem and create another.....
New Balance 998 Horween Leather - sz 10.5    Retailed new for $400   New in Box
Viberg 1950 Service Boot - Black Chromexcel Vibram Cristy Sole.  Retailed for over $800.   These have been gentle worn and have little to know sign of wear on the uppers and PLENTY of sole life left.   Picture speak a thousand words - these are nice!
New Posts  All Forums: