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New Balance 998 Horween Leather - sz 10.5    Retailed new for $400   New in Box
Viberg 1950 Service Boot - Black Chromexcel Vibram Cristy Sole.  Retailed for over $800.   These have been gentle worn and have little to know sign of wear on the uppers and PLENTY of sole life left.   Picture speak a thousand words - these are nice!
That tpriThat Torino belt looks like it could work! Wonder if they have it with Brass color hardware .. Going to look through their site now.
On the subject of belts - anyone have a good option for matching reverse chamois tobacco?  I think a similar color suede belt would be nice - but no like finding one!
Thanks for suggestion Dillardiv,I called up jcrew and they gave me a really nice discount. not sure if it's because I never buy anything from jcrew or if the customer service is just that good; maybe a bit of both... either way.. I am loving jcrew today!
FYI - my email receipt said the same thing - and I received the shoe and discount.  I guess it was one of those rare jcrew coupon codes that worked for Aldens;  seemed like this happens maybe twice a year for a day
Do you guys know if the in store inventory is reflected online? They look out of my size online.
Received my jcrew 975 order last nights; AND they have clearly been tried on and as a result have creasing on the vamp (and that faint I have walked around the store look on the soles) I knew I was "in trouble" when it shipped to me from a local store location, rather than a warehouse. What to do what to do?
Thanks for the Jcrew code!    Picked up the last pair of 975s in my size!  Which in turn justifies me sending my existing pair to B Nelson and getting them to put an antique sole on them!
...same thing happened to me in in San Fran...
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