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I always where them in the office on carpet for a few weeks - this seems to compact the sole more - and the tips of the soles tend to last a lot longer as a result.   of course this means you have to change your shoes during the day!
Hi allHi all,  the guys at both these shops are super helpful and nice.  I can tell they love shoes.  Rather than all of us calling- here are some details.  I was just thinking from their end - those would help them out a lot - rather than get crazy amounts of calls from all of us!!! First is the 2222 NST cigar. It is available in size 8 E / 9,5 E / 11,5 E and made on the Aberdeen last.The other one is the 97504 Long Wing Blucher ravello which is available in size 6,5 E /...
Anyone get their shipment from the Unionmade Archive sale with missing items and pro-actively get notified by Unionmade?  I order some stuff on the last day and it just shipped yesterday - but the package weight seems light!
I have these booI have these boots and I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with the durability of the single sole; it wore down much quicker to the welt stitching than any other alden's I have owned.  Also, I wear them in the same way I wear my other aldens (rain or shine); never in a downpour.  They look great - but will be switching them to double soles when the time is right...
Opinions on the Belfast Bureau take on the Ultimate Indy?     
All - I hadn't seen this stamp before on shell - is this a new thing?  
Thanks to the Jcrew code - I picked up a pair of the cordovan cap toes.  After reading about sizing, I decided to go TTS.    As a result they feel a lot more like my indy boots which I size down a half size.    Either way, can't beat the price paid.
watch what you wear! Taking my shoes off at DCA security. Those are really nice shoes - says well dress professional girl; Thank you - I reply; They make me jealous! - says girl; Me : speechless
Heads up 30% off works on alden at jcrew
Wow - did the seconds list just get a 50 dollar increase across the board? 375 for CXL? getting close to that point where buying new makes more sense for common models...
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