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I'm wanting some Polo dress shirts.  Is this sale the best price I'll be able to find them or do they ever get lower?  I'm not in a huge hurry, but if this is my best shot I'll grab some.
Thanks for the heads up Saturdays, waaayy too easy to spend a bunch of money on there right now.
I was interested in them as well and did a google search.  Looks like they usually sell for around $50-$75 used but that's about all I found.  I'd have to agree with you on the suede, it looks kind of smooth and lifeless.
John Lobb Darby II, Size 10 US, Make an offer
Quote: Not my size, but really cool boots and a nice job by the seller on that auction page.  
RLPL Leather/Suede Briefcase, Make an offer
Quote: Kopped. Thanks a lot for posting these but my wallet hates this thread.  I've never tried on Edward Greens so hopefully they fit.  If not, you may be seeing them up on SF soon :)
Wow, I would have snatched those up in a second. My search for my first (well priced) pair of Alden boots continues...
pm sent
I don't know much about these, but it looks pretty sweet.   Vintage RLPL Leather Wallet
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