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Very cool.  I would pay to see a step-by-step guide on how he was able to do that.  I'm pretty inexperienced, but I've always thought fixing up old broke down leather shoes/boots would be fun.
Quote: Seriously, especially for a newish member like myself!
  That's awesome, thanks a lot.  Let me know if it all works out and I'll get $ sent immediately.    
gone now :(
Quote: Would love to grab this but it says he doesn't ship to the US.  I sent him a message to see if he'd consider it so hopefully he'll make an exception.
All of my Saphir arrived yesterday with no problems.
Thanks for posting those Etsy deals, some really interesting stuff in there and the preview pics are a nice touch.
Very tempting. I usually try to stick with UK 10's, does anybody know if EG's run a little small?
Hermes black suede boots size 44.  Good condition from 2001.
Any ideas who would have made these?  I might make a run at them.  
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