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      Another vote for Grenson.  The heels are similar to C&J, but the nail pattern matches up with Grenson.  Here's a sample Grenson heel.      
My thoughts exactly
I LOVE those boots.  If anybody is interested, make sure you check the measurements.  I have some C&J boots size 10 and the insole and outer sole length are both quite a bit longer than these for some reason. 
All of my lapels touch the shoulder seams  
Quote: Well, adding to the theme of me spending too much money, I had him hold off on the shipment for a few days because I was interested in some of his other auctions and wanted to combine shipping.  They should be shipping out today or tomorrow though and if they don't fit I've got another SF'er in line ready to grab them.  
Quote: I keep telling myself that if I don't like something I'll put it back on ebay or SF, but so far that tactic hasn't worked out very well lol.  This thread is going to break me, I think SF needs to create some sort of addiction hotline.
Quote: Dang, went for these too but got outbid.  Hope somebody on here grabbed them, they looked nice.  If I hadn't already bought the Hermes today I would have bid more :)
Quote: I'm so very weak, had to grab these. I talked his BIN down $50 so even though the measurements he gave me seemed a little out of wack with the posted size, it was worth testing them.  Thanks for posting it.   
I have a feeling you're right.  My C&J 10's are pretty tight on me since I like to wear them with thick wool socks but 11 will probably be too large.  If anybody wants to be next in line for them if they don't fit let me know.
Thanks, had to instakop those.  I usually wear 10.5 but the outside measurements seemed to match my other C&J's and the price was too good to pass up.
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