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Almost jumped on the sunglasses until I noticed they come with a generic case instead of the RL case. Just a note for anybody looking at them.
  Those are definitely awful looking shoes.
Would anybody in italy be willing to be my proxy on the dunhill watch? I'd be happy to pay a fee.
Great list 330, lots of great stuff to look at in there.  I would have grabbed a few things if they were my size.
  They do look pretty rough, but it's a good catch by you.  If they weren't suede I'd probably go for them and try to fix them up.  I have a pair of EG suede boots by RL and they are super comfortable.
Quote: I've been watching him as well.  Haven't been able to pull the trigger for this very reason.
Quote: I bought 3 of them a few months ago when there was a good selection but you're right, lately there hasn't been much to choose from.  Hopefully they get some more in.  
I have a 20mm and 22mm that I could use it for :(    21mm is a strange size but when it's for their own watch I guess they can do that.  
Quote: Anybody know the width on this?  If it's 22mm it will fit my Breitling I need a new band for.  
No way I could turn those down at that price.  Thanks a lot.
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