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    Got kind of excited as that's my size, but with no feedback and listing on eBay mobile I'm not sure.
Turnbull & Asser Angora DB Overcoat Size 42 - $99 NR
  Sorry guys, still learning. I'll keep posting auctions when I think they look good but when they suck I definitely appreciate you guys telling me they suck.
Pretty good deal on 11 ties
Grenson Handgrade for N&L - 11.5 UK - $129 NR
Some nice ties here for guys who like them a little wider:
  Not my size, but it looks like they've been listed twice (once for $495) and the guys feedback isn't the greatest. Beautiful boots though
  I usually wear a 40, but the 55cm is scaring me off a little since that would measure over 43".  Am I thinking about that wrong?  It's a great looking jacket.
I totally agree with you there 330, I need to jump on some, I just need to decide on a color.  For some reason I can't find any pictures of these with someone actually wearing them which would be really helpful.   Could anybody tell me if these would be a good candidate for turning into prescription sunglasses? 
  Definitely still a good price, but it seems like you can pick them up with the case now for $120-$125 or less on a regular basis.  I may actually jump on it and contact you about the case but I'd just hate to have those glasses and be carrying them in the microfiber baggy that they provide.
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