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We've been working with both Keep Cup and Swell Bottle. Big fans of both products. 
 Not just speculating, no. I know all the press releases were full of everyone saying that Stumptown was going to continue to operate independently from Peets but this is 100 percent bullshit. JAB now owns, Peets, Caribou, Stumptown, Intelligentsia, and Green Mountain/Keurig. There's no value in allowing each of the companies to operate independently. The goal of the ownership is to have a portfolio of brands with different identities and at different price points, and...
 100 percent the direction it's going. Certainly by the end of 2016. The guys running Peets are all from CPG backgrounds. They are all about having a portfolio of brands and pushing them through all the various distribution channels. 
 They are going use Keurig as a way to distribute their growing portfolio of brands. Expect to see Peets, Stumptown, and Intelligentsia K-Cups in the very near future.
Just wanted to let you guys know that our e-commerce site is finally live. Not trying to shill for business here, but if anyone wants to try our coffee, now you can.   https://squareup.com/market/revelatorcoffee
 The La Colombe Gesha is not bad at all. Expensive but good. They were selling it by the cup for like $6 I think, last time I was in NYC.
I was in Tokyo last April. The coffee scene there is so weird and interesting. 
There's no scenario where they don't end up killing off the Intelligentsia brand and folding the company into Stumptown. Literally no other way to make it work. No value is created by having two similarly positioned brands under a single holding company.
 Intelli is trying to sell to PE right now, but they are valuing themselves way too highly.
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