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 Temperature effects rate of extraction.
 For sure. Even Starbucks is pretty thin in the South compared to how many locations they have in the NE and the West Coast. It leaves a lot of room for independent shops in the South. Unfortunately most of them aren't great, but places like Octane and Black Tap are doing a nice job.
 Oops. Somehow didn't post my whole response. But yes, population density is key. Coffee shops are such a local business. People don't tend to travel far to get coffee. This is why Starbucks can have so many locations so close together. For a specialty coffee place, which is already serving a smaller percentage of the population, it's hard to do well outside high density urban areas.  What did you like in Charleston? Black Tap is pretty good but that's the only one I know...
 It's a density issue. Coffee is a  If you aren't getting enough body, use more coffee.
 It looks that way. Don't worry, I'm working on it - at least in the South.
 It is, but there only a few big players in the specialty space, and of them, only La Colombe and Blue Bottle are investing heavily in retail growth. The most interesting part of this to me is how committed they are to growing into the most crowded markets. Seems like they want to build more cafes in the NE, then head out to the West Coast.
 Allegro is the Whole Foods house brand. They own it completely.
 There's also just an expected amount of waste that you build into any financial models. If you've ever been in a good cafe at opening, you'll see them burn through half a bag of espresso just to dial in the grind every morning.
II think it ends up being less about money and more about what a pain in the ass it is. The reality is the margins on an espresso shot are really good anyway.Our shops only serve a single size shot - equivalent to a double. We never split shots, or serve singles or whatnot. We'll add a second shot to an espresso/milk drink, but it costs the same as ordering an espresso.
New Posts  All Forums: