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 Agreed. I turn the hotplate off as soon as the brew cycle is done. It's not that big a deal.
I have a Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker. I like it a lot. Definitely the best experience I've had with any automatic brewer. 
  Getting our first set installed today.
I knew from the start that this thing was never going to work, but the horribleness of the fallout is interesting: http://gizmodo.com/kickstarter-project-finds-exciting-new-way-to-screw-its-1663145598/+laceydonohue
 This is another one where the price is inflate by higher labor costs and clever marketing. There's really nothing special about Blue Mountain coffee. There are way better coffees out there for much less money. 
Kona is only more expensive because the cost of labor in Hawaii is higher than in other coffee growing regions (Africa/Central America). The price is not indicative of quality.
I like that tan. I missed the first part of this conversation though, what model are we talking about?
I'd go in on Kudu
 Yeah it feels very robust. As far as how to wear... I'll probably pair them with a midnight blue tux for black tie events. They feel very dressy.
 No. Just MTO. Black Stingray Sinatra on the DG70 last. Nick takes much better pictures than I do:  
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