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Posts by joshuadowen The old Cherry Street locations are meh, but this is the first one where they've let the daughter really take the lead. She's a badass and this place looks cool.
 So we are open at SQ5 on Spring/5th, but it's really just a walk-up bar, not a real store. We also took over the coffee bar for West Elm at Ponce City Market.  I know we ship beans to stores weekly, but not sure what day of the week. Ordering from the website isn't too bad, and everything is roasted to order. 
This is one of the reasons we don't use the Italian naming conventions on our menu: too much uncertainty about what a particular drink is supposed to be. As most other people have said, the foam/milk issue is a distraction and is about personal taste more than anything. With all of the espresso based drinks, one starts with espresso and adds steamed milk. The difference between all the drinks is about how much milk one adds. Generally... A cortado is 2oz espresso plus 2oz...
 I like: Workshop CoffeeCaravan CoffeeNotesVagabondTimberyard
What I do like about the Handground model is the vertical crank. Makes it so much easier to use.
New company: Kind of ugly but I've heard good things. Chatted with the founders a few times and they are nice guys. Worth giving a go.
Basically this.  Kenyan coffees tend to exhibit big, red fruit flavors that are really easy for even novices to taste. 
None of those things work that well. 
I think one of the issues is that we've been programmed to think brewed coffee should be served much hotter than is ideal. Both extreme heat and extreme cold mask a lot of flavors. With good coffee (i.e., lots of positive flavors and not a lot of negative flavors), I actually enjoy drinking it at a slightly lower temperature. My biggest pet peeve with a lot of shops is that the batch brew coffee is served at a temperature where it's undrinkable unless you add milk or wait...
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