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 Yeah an entire container is a lot. 
 There's plenty of good green coffee out there if you are willing to pay for it. The reality is the most of the really big players don't bother with the good stuff anyway. Even the bigger specialty roasters aren't operating at high enough volume to corner the market on quality beans.
Something of a rare experience this evening - 1872 Oloroso Sherry  
Yeah. Most people shouldn't taste any paper if the coffee has been prepared properly. It's not a common problem.
 Metal filters are a pain in the ass to clean, and would really disrupt work flow. Personally I hate pour-over in a cafe setting anyway (too fucking slow), and using metal filters would slow this down even more. That said, you might be a super-taster or just really sensitive to the taste of paper. There's no reason using paper filters should leave your coffee tasting like paper.
 Don't see why not. In fact French press would probably be the easiest, as it's the least precise of the brewing methods. 
 I actually don't hate this idea. Wouldn't work for espresso, but no reason one couldn't do it for a pour-over.
 Not sure how long you've been on this thread, but they ALL complain about third wave roasters.
   Updosing, if nothing else changes, will result in a stronger but less extracted cup. Body generally refers to the strength of the cup, not the level of extraction. I think what you are describing is a strong but under extracted (sour) cup.
 I use one of these. Just be careful not to accidentally chuck it with the grounds. Let me tell you.... it's VERY easy to accidentally do.
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