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It's got less to do with the grinder itself than it does with grind size and level of filtration. Finer membrane filters will reduce the fines, but generally it's not something you should worry about that much. It's not a problem to correct for or anything like that. The only issue you'll get from fines in the coffee is that they continue to extract as the coffee sits. This is one of the reasons that a hot cup of coffee left to sit for an hour will taste very over extracted.
 Undissolved solids in the coffee. 
Probably a bit of both. Was a single-origin Ethiopian from Amaro Gayo 4 days off roast. One of the better espresso's I've ever had. Fruity but not overly acidic, chocolate notes in the middle. It was really good. 
  Just a little coffee porn...
 Just ordered another one with an all white front as well. Can't wait.
 Yeah that's why it's gimmicky to me. It's like a flavored coffee. It's an excuse to buy cheap source material and sell it at a high price.
 Interesting... still sounds like a gimmick to me... but hey, why not?
 Yeah I have a hard time seeing how this works well. Coffee beans do absorb a lot of aroma/flavor from what's around it, but sticking it in an oak barrel shouldn't do that much. The reason aging alcohols in oak works is that the ethanol dissolves some of the chemical compounds in the oak into the liquid. Green coffee beans sitting in an oak barrel shouldn't pull much out of the oak.
This is another one of those things that's a must in a commercial setting, but not worth worrying about too much at home. If you are new to coffee (or new to good coffee) it's worth weighing and making sure you get the right ratios until you can eyeball it consistently. You'll still get a little variation coffee to coffee, but nothing too wild.
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