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 Yeah it feels very robust. As far as how to wear... I'll probably pair them with a midnight blue tux for black tie events. They feel very dressy.
 No. Just MTO. Black Stingray Sinatra on the DG70 last. Nick takes much better pictures than I do:  
So my black stingray Sinatra's just arrived from Nick. I know there were a few comments questioning the durability of stingray. Having felt the actual shoe, I have to say I can't imagine it being a concern. The stingray is very thick, and very rigid stuff. 
Lamport MTO    
  Coming soon! Thanks Nick.
 I don't know what to say man. I tried hard to be civil and open minded. A question was asked about trends toward lighter roasting and I shared what I knew. As always, the knee-jerk "fuck third-wave" group chimed in and here we are. People want to get aggressive and make personal attacks and it will be returned in kind.  The sad thing is we work hard with our brand to be non-judgmental compared to other specialty coffee roasters/retailers. We do things a certain way...
 I would, but this Kevin Knox fellow seems like such a good resource. I'm sure he can teach you loads, what with Allegro and Starbucks being known for their high quality coffee.  But seriously. His book is shit and horribly out of date. If it had been written this century, it would have been under the "... for Dummies" line. There's not a single piece of useful information in there unless you've literally never heard of coffee. This guy hasn't worked in coffee in over a...
 I can't answer a question about a coffee I haven't tried. It's entirely possible this coffee tastes best around 430-440f - which, from my point of view, isn't what I would call a dark roast anyway.  As far as big guys like Peets/Starbucks, they aren't roasting as dark as the do because they believe it makes the best coffee. It's a business decision. 
 There's a difference between what people like, and how one talks about about best practices and standards. One is subjective, the other is objective. You seem to be unable to contemplate any sort of objective truths about coffee or roasting. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with darker coffee, or with people who prefer it. You should drink what you like, and not drink what you don't like. Your subjective preferences might not always line up with objective...
 No, it's not like that at all. Also, what I'm expressing is not a personal opinion. It's not something you get to disagree with. This is why I keep telling you to separate your subjective preferences from the objective industry standards. Roasting is like an imperfect bell curve. One must roast coffee to develop the flavors that are naturally present in the bean. At a certain point, though, one reaches the peak of bringing out flavors. Roasting beyond this point starts to...
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