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I think the author has a pretty skewed view of the South. There's actually lots of great coffee happening down here and has been for years. He makes it seem like we are coming into this totally open market where no one is doing anything interesting, and it's just not true. I think it gives the impression we think this way too, which we don't. It's not that big a deal because only industry people really read Sprudge, but the article has stoked some resentment from other...
 There are so many things wrong with this article... but oh well. It's press.
Flavor stability depends on a lot of things, but serious filtration helps a lot.
It's not that strong. Definitely on the thin side. The challenge with bottle cold brew is that the stronger you make it, the worse the shelf life. Stumptown filters the shit out that stuff to be able to get the 2-3 month shelf life they need for national distribution. I like it anyway though, goes down really smooth, never tastes over-extracted like a lot of the really bad cold brew out there.
And here I was starting to worry that you didn't actually like coffee at all.
Elixir? Context please.
Moisture content is the big one. Darker roasts have less residual moisture, and grind really differently than lighter roasts. Also, off gassing as the coffee gets further off roast date can affect grind a fair amount.
 Sightglass out of SF is one of my favorites. I also like Heart out of Portland. 
My two cents...   It's like anything else: there's both an objective component AND a subjective component. Among professionals, there are agreed upon standards for measuring acidity, sweetness, and a few dozen other aspects of how we experience a cup of coffee. Most experienced professionals should be able to grade a particular coffee fairly similarly. Even then, all decent sized roasting operations have entire cupping teams, so that no one person is wholly responsible...
Nobody stocks Stumptown? Or Indonesian coffees?
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