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No, you are right. I suppose I didn't mean that the way it came across. I'm a big fan of Santa Maria Novella products and any number of trappist beers. 
Seems gimmicky.
 Roast definitely plays a role. The point I was making is just that the coffees you like aren't necessarily less acidic, just better balanced with other things. 
  Yes and yes. But also no. Coffee is an incredibly complex thing. It's hard to point to any one thing and say, "This is why it's too sour!" One thing to think about though: the experience of sourness is not generally the result of there being too much acid in the coffee. As in wine,  acidity in coffee is a great thing. It creates the structural backbone that holds all the other flavors together. The problem occurs when there aren't enough other flavors present to be held...
I hear you.  Just know there is no such thing as the perfect cup of coffee. There are objectively bad cups of coffee and there are objectively "good" cups of coffee, but nothing is perfect. There will even be "good" cups of coffee that you don't like for any number of totally valid reasons.
Are we talking about espresso being served to you in a shop? Or espresso you made yourself at home? The easiest way to tell if an espresso extraction was off is to time it. An espresso shot should take about 30 seconds to pull and yield about 2oz of liquid (almost everyone pulls "double" shots as standard these days). If the pull yields 2oz of liquid in 15 seconds, your shot was almost certainly under extracted. If it takes 45 seconds to pull, it's almost certainly over...
Where'd you have it? Chrome Yellow?
Speaking of Bow Truss http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20160709/ISSUE01/307099994/entrepreneur-and-bow-truss-owner-phil-tadros-profiled
I'm living in the East Village right now and have checked out a couple Ninth Street Espresso locations. Nice staff, nice spaces, but the coffee is pretty bad. 
This is fair. I have a city-centric view of the world.
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