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 I'm sure it'll be fine. I think it was a mistake not to give it its own brand though - the association between throw-away footwear and specialty coffee probably doesn't work in their favor.
 Yeah, both Peet's and Caribou were bought by a German PE firm. I think the plan is to convert all of the Caribou properties into Peets. Also, for those who didn't think coffee retail was a good investment, Caribou sold for $340 million. 
 I agree that the real growth potential is outside of New York and SF, both of which are pretty saturated. 
 There's a lot of growth left yet. I think areas like New York and the West Coast are pretty saturated, but there's a lot of room left to grow in the rest of the country. At the same time, there's room for brands to grow even where the industry isn't. Blue Bottle buying roasters/cafe's down in L.A. is probably just the beginning. They'll be able to buy out more independents if they want.
 The Peet's expansion isn't REALLY an expansion so much as it is a rebranding of the existing Caribou properties, right?
 I dunno about the pricing, but the recap was clearly done to facilitate growth. Most of their business is retail, and they've only got about a dozen locations. I bet they are doing something like $15 million a year revenue. I'm sure their margins are really good, but that still isn't going to lead to enough cash on hand to fuel serious growth. 
 I bet their current revenue numbers would surprise you. They get a lot of press but they don't have that many locations yet, and opening new ones is pretty expensive.
 They just raised about $25 million. Not a bad way to start spending it.
 You are being pretty stupid here. The roasters we work with are not self-taught. They've been in the business for 30 years and run one of the bigger regional roasters. The SCAA flies our guy around to teach people about coffee. Don't talk about things you don't know. I'll agree with you that there are plenty of poseurs out there, but don't think you know anything about me or my business.
 It seems to me that the name calling really underscores his point...
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