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What I do like about the Handground model is the vertical crank. Makes it so much easier to use.
New company: Kind of ugly but I've heard good things. Chatted with the founders a few times and they are nice guys. Worth giving a go.
Basically this.  Kenyan coffees tend to exhibit big, red fruit flavors that are really easy for even novices to taste. 
None of those things work that well. 
I think one of the issues is that we've been programmed to think brewed coffee should be served much hotter than is ideal. Both extreme heat and extreme cold mask a lot of flavors. With good coffee (i.e., lots of positive flavors and not a lot of negative flavors), I actually enjoy drinking it at a slightly lower temperature. My biggest pet peeve with a lot of shops is that the batch brew coffee is served at a temperature where it's undrinkable unless you add milk or wait...
I mean, and are sort of the go-to's, but I wouldn't call either of them "good".
No, you are right. I suppose I didn't mean that the way it came across. I'm a big fan of Santa Maria Novella products and any number of trappist beers. 
Seems gimmicky.
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