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The Baratza Fortes are really just a very high-end consumer grinder. They aren't built for high volume commercial use. We are finding that we have to repair them way too often.
We've been using Baratza Forte's for all pour-over, but are switching them out as they just can't handle the workload. Moving forward I think we are going to be using Mahlkonig EKs.
One of the biggest issues in pour-over consistency is grind. The nature of coffee is that the ideal grind is hard to pin down. It changes from coffee to coffee and from day to day. In a cafe setting where baristas are making dozens or hundreds of pour-overs every day, they use the first handful of brews to collect data and dial-in the grind for each coffee for that day. At home, that sort of dialing-in is unrealistic. That doesn't mean you shouldn't use a Chemex at home...
I like Ritual. Sightglass has better coffee, but the staff at Ritual tends to be much, much nicer.  Saint Frank is also worth a look.
You don't need an excellent grinder. Most of what separates less expensive grinders from more expensive grinders has to with "extra features" and robustness of construction. Less expensive grinders aren't built to be used a few hundred times a day, as is common in a cafe setting, but for home use you'll be fine.  The biggest thing to focus on is the quality of the burr set. The burrs are what actually come in contact with and grind the coffee. Everything else in the...
Should check out our shop on the Westside http://revelatorcoffee.com/store-location/atlanta/ Also, I prefer Chemex to both V60 and the Wave.
 Thank the corporate overlords at Peets. In spite of all the talk of how the Stumptown acquisition wasn't going to change anything about how Stumptown was run, changes were inevitable. I'm sure this is a cost cutting measure as Stumptown pivots to focus more and more on cold brew and grocery above all else.
I'm not sure that arguments about data and statistics offer much here. Statistics don't really tell us what happened in any of those cases.    The fact is that we should be outraged every single time police officers kill anyone unnecessarily - and the gap between was it is legally allowed and what is necessary seems to keep growing.  In a free society, police should kill only as a last resort to keep people safe. Having watched both videos of yesterday's shootings, it...
 You are conflating unrelated statistics.
And either one of these things might be right - which is why we can't get too obsessed with the details of individual cases. The issue is never the specific details of an individual case, but the mountain of evidence that cops go out of their way not to kill white suspects (even when justified) and routinely kill black suspects. This is not a problem of individual bad actors, but of society as a whole. It won't be fixed by punishing cops who act badly. It can only be fixed...
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