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Hi Gents, As Tex has kindly pointed out, both my Father, Edwin and I will be visiting Houston for the first time this upcoming October. This is now confirmed and we will be meeting with people on Friday, 16th October, staying at the Granduca Hotel.  The full trip details can be found via the link below. Cheers, Matthew DeBoise
    After our April trip to San Francisco, we plan to return in October and then to make SF a permanent fixture on our itineraries at least twice a year, perhaps three times, dependant on demand.   Also to note that we will be offering both our bespoke and semi-bespoke (mtm) services.   Best wishes,   Matthew   Steed Bespoke Tailors 
I can attest to this.....   Matthew   Steed, UK
Just a quick note for those eagle-eyed of you that may have noticed but we have put a neck cut in on the Dinner Jacket as well as the Donegal. I just happened to be a bit hasty with taking the photo and did so before we marked the neck cut.   Also regarding the Notch-Lapel on a DJ, I much prefer the Shawl Collar or Peak Lapel. The Notch-Lapel is a bit too "Hollywood" for me and reminds me of more hire-wear or...
Steven has done a great job on that suit Butler! I love that cloth as well, I think I remember seeing it on our Johnson's bunch...I also saw a gentleman on the tv wearing a suit with the same cloth. Bold choice but a great one!    Best,   Matthew DeBoise Steed Bespoke Tailors  
Agreed! I fear they will struggle in the new 4-Nations format. 
Lol because McCaw doesn't get away with constant Not quite sure why everyone has totally written off England and Wales..We always when it comes down to it in the KO stages pick up our game and pull it out of the bag. We will beat France in the QF's.   As for Wales, it is hard for me to say this but they look so good! Young, fit and hungry! I can see them beating Ireland in their QF and then I can even see them beating England in a close game in the...
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