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Bespoke England has one  
Going to order some up for for the summer!  
How do you like the shoes apart from this issue? 
What does everyone think of these "Oakham's"? Just seen them on the Bespoke England Blog    
I would be crying but like the guys are saying give a glue back together and should be all ok
Nick at bespoke england has some more simple colours in stock check his website out. 
You could always go for something like this its a great looking shoe and is different with the 2 types of leather this one is in Vintage Cedar Calf and Dark Brown Pin Grain             
Looks great in suede but as its winter in England not much use its not stopped raining in 2 weeks 
Cannes        Mayfair         
When your paying G&G prices you hope it stays on  have you had a pair with the tassel coming off?    I like you can see the detail more with the leather more than the suede. 
New Posts  All Forums: