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Group photo defo in order. Some amazing shoes that need to be shared with us all. Im loving the midnight blue Deco  
I found the picture on the G&G tumblr give Nick a email or call from Bespoke England he will hook you up. 
How many pairs do you own and what are they?   
Very nice!!!   
I'd be sending them back to JL if it was me and see what they say about it. If he wants a quick fix id say glue but it can't be the best option.  
Looks fantastic but I'm a G&G man but very tempted on trying a pair out next time i'm in JL   
Im sure if the tassel did come off they would fix for you   
Ive got the vintage Cedar ones coming in a couple of weeks really tempted on the blue which do you prefer? 
Bespoke England has one  
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